Honda Wave RSX 2012 – Sporty and youthful

Already very successful with the Wave car brand, Honda recently continued to launch the Wave RSX 2012 version with improvements mainly in the exterior.

Perhaps, when mentioning Wave, you often think of a product that has “kicked away” Chinese motorbikes. At that time about 10 years ago, Wave alpha was rampant and quickly reduced the market share of “Wave trains” and “train cars” in general. Of course, the price race makes the quality of Wave in Vietnam unable to match that of Wave in Thailand, but it still retains valuable qualities such as durability, savings and low usage costs. Since then, the Wave family has expanded its products with diverse designs to better suit the times such as the new Wave alpha, Wave 100S, Wave RS. And, Wave RSX was born in 2008 with the purpose of perfecting that mission. In early March, the Honda RSX continued to appear with a new version for 2012. The improvements are still mainly on the exterior, but not much about the engine and transmission.

Design, comfort

Still following the sporty style, Wave RSX 2012 has many new designs on the outside. The front of the car is youthful and has many features of the first Air Blade, but it would be more refined if the front mask was sharpened and trimmed further. The information display clock is designed to be large and has a beautiful interface and colors.

Meanwhile, the car’s fairing has an angular and aerodynamic design and the rear of the car is sharp and sharp. The handle has a sturdy design to create convenience for the user. However, the rear light cluster is installed quite loosely on the chassis, with large gaps and dirt. This new version of Honda Wave RSX does not have a fuel overflow tray. The footrest for the rear passenger is beautifully designed and the exhaust pipe has an exhaust pipe facing the ground to avoid spraying air into the passenger’s face. The fenders are extended down to limit water splashing on the rear passengers when it rains. These are points that are considered of interest to the community. Overall, thanks to the stamp set, rear shock absorbers painted in embossed colors and many eye-catching paint colors, the Wave RSX exudes a sporty appearance.

For ease of use, all control button systems are scientifically arranged, beautifully designed and soft, making it easy for the driver to use. Arranging the battery in the trunk of the car makes maintenance and replacement easy. Of course, the trunk space is still not enough for a half-face helmet, this is a clever design point of Honda Vietnam.

Some equipment that we feel should have been integrated with the Wave RSX to make it more convenient for customers are the front hanger and the foot burn guard installed in the footrest, on the left side of the engine. Usually, customers must install these additional devices at an additional cost.


Wave RSX is equipped with a 110 cc 4-stroke engine with maximum power of 6.05 kW/7,500 rpm and maximum torque of 8.67 Nm/5,500 rpm. Honda Vietnam has announced that it has improved the air-cooling system to help save 3.5% fuel consumption compared to the previous version while still inheriting the superiority of digital cars such as high durability. and stable operation. This new Wave 110RSX engine is also capable of meeting strict Euro 3 emissions standards.


With dimensions of length x width x height of 1,898 mm x 709 mm x 1,080 mm and an unladen weight of 101 kg, the operation of setting up, towing or turning around is quite easy. Furthermore, the saddle height is 764 mm, so the Wave RSX is suitable for many user shapes.

When starting the car engine in idle mode, the engine is not smooth because of the noise coming from the cam and trigger of the bull’s head. We follow the simulation under two hypothetical scenarios. Firstly, when traveling in the city, increase the throttle to reach a speed of 20 km/h and then shift from number 1 to number 2, continue to increase the throttle to 40 km/h to move from number 2 to number 3 and up to 60km/h. h and then shift to 4th gear. In this situation, the car accelerates smoothly, the gear shifting process is smooth, the sound of the window opening sounds smooth and sweet.

In the second situation, put gear 1, increase the throttle to reach a speed of 40 km/h, the engine sounds quite loud when the speed needle passes the number 35 km/h. Continuing to shift to number 2, the car accelerated quickly and reached a speed of 60 km/h and when shifting to number 4, it reached a speed of 80 km/h. In general, the car has good acceleration, the only thing is that the bull’s head sounds a bit loud, both when accelerating and decelerating. Furthermore, the exhaust sound when accelerating does not sound “strong” and “strong”, this is the point where in the previous Wave Thai era, we were impressed by the exhaust sound of the car at that time because it sounded “good” and “pleasant to the ears”. . While operating at a speed of 40 km/h, we tried shifting the gear quickly to 1st gear, the gearbox responded very quickly to the continuous downshift operation. The gearbox in the Wave RSX is something we highly appreciate as it has the ability to operate smoothly and responds very well to up and downshift operations. When driving the car in urban areas, the new Wave RSX brings a feeling of easy control, quite flexible turning, and good balance. This is tested in slalom running.

Honda Wave RSX has a ground clearance of 135 mm, quite high for a manual car, so it is convenient for overcoming potholes when going on bad roads. The braking system feels smooth. However, the saddle is quite steep and slippery, so every time the rider brakes, the driver often slides forward. For that reason, after each braking, I often have to readjust my driving position.


With a selling price of nearly 20 million VND for the Wave RSX regular rim version and more than 21 million VND for the cast rim RSX version, it’s hard to complain about the product. If you want better features, utilities, and performance, you can only add more budget to own more advanced cars. For lower budgets, Wave alpha is still a good choice, a product whose reputation has come with quality for a while.


  • Dimensions (length x width x height): 1,898 x 709 x 1,080 mm
  • The standard long: 1,227 mm
  • Saddle height: 764 mm
  • Ground clearance: 135 mm
  • Petrol tank capacity: 3.7 liters
  • Weight: 101 kg
  • Engine: gasoline, 4 stroke, 1 cylinder, air cooled, 101.9 cc
  • Wattage: 6.05 kW/7,500 rpm
  • Torque: 8.67 Nm/5,500 rpm
  • Cooling system: forced air cooling
  • Emission standards: EURO 3
  • Front shock absorber: telescopic hydraulic shock absorber
  • Rear shock absorber: spring, single damper
  • Front tire: 70/90 – 17 M/C 38P
  • Rear tire: 80/90 – 17 M/C 50P
  • Price: 19,790,000 (regular rim); 21,290,000 (cast rim)

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Le Hung (according to PLXH)

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