Honda Racing Vietnam participated in the 4-hour JP250 road race

On Sunday (June 9, 2019), the Honda Racing Vietnam team will officially participate in the 4-hour Suzuka JP250 4Hours Endurance Road Racing race. This is the first time a representative from Vietnam has participated in a tournament in the Suzuka Endurance series organized by Suzuka Japan racetrack.

For fans of speed, Suzuka racetrack is well known for being the stopping place of the Formula 1 (F1) race in Japan, however this racetrack is also known for its “power racing” events. “endurance” of motorbikes is the Endurance award.

Honda Racing Vietnam participates in the 4-hour road race JP250 suzuka-circuit.pngSuzuka Japan racetrack with a length of 5,807km, 18 turns.

In 1978, Japan’s Suzuka racetrack wanted to create a different motorcycle race that would showcase the spirit of the “Land of the Rising Sun” while also demonstrating the nation’s industrial might. This is the premise for the Suzuka 8Hours Endurance Race to be born. In 2001, legendary racer Valentino Rossi won this tournament with the Honda VTR1000SPW and he said he would return to this tournament again before retiring, this is a testament to the appeal of the tournament. with top riders.

Since 2017, to expand the Endurance competition genre as well as attract more Asian and international riders, Suzuka racetrack has organized the Suzuka JP250 4Hours Endurance tournament. After 2 years of organization, the tournament has received the attention of more and more riders and racing teams, not only riders from Japan but also riders from Asia. And in the 2019 season in this category, Vietnam will officially have a representative participating in the tournament, which is the Honda Racing Vietnam team.

The basic competition rules of the Suzuka JP250 4Hours Endurance Road Racing tournament are as follows: 2 drivers compete in a relay race and will race continuously for 4 hours at the Suzuka racetrack in Japan. Two riders compete in qualifying. The team’s classification result is the average classification result of the 2 riders. During the 4-hour period, the team’s 2 riders will take turns using only one 250cc bike to maximize the number of Suzuka laps. The team’s performance is ranked based on the number of laps the team completes within the allotted 4 hours. The team with the greater number of laps will win. During these 4 hours, the tournament stipulates that drivers must pit at least 3 times but does not specify a maximum number of times to pit, but when entering the pit, they are required to refuel the race car (like the F1 tournament).

This is a global-scale race, riders from all countries can register to compete.

Honda Racing Vietnam participates in the 4-hour road race JP250 honda-racing-vietnam-arrc-chang-1-autodaily-016.jpgHonda Racing Vietnam participated for the first time in Suzuka JP250 4 Hours Endurance Road Racing

Thus, for the first time in the history of Suzuka’s Endurance tournaments, there will be the participation of a racing team from Vietnam. Although the tournament that Honda Racing Vietnam is about to participate in is not part of the Federation International Motorcycle – Endurance World Championship (FIM – EWC) road racing system, the Suzuka JP250 4 Hours Endurance Road Racing tournament is also famous in Japan not only in the competition in terms of speed but also in the physical endurance of the racer and the durability of the racing car with a continuous racing time of up to 4 hours – 8 times more than tournaments like Asia Road Racing Championship or MotoGP.

This type of Endurance competition is not too strange to Honda Racing Vietnam because in the past 2 years the team has continuously sent technicians to join the technical team of the Honda Asia-Dream Racing with SHOWA racing team in the Suzuka 8Hours Endurance Race, However, this will be the first year the team officially competes in a Suzuka Endurance tournament with the further goal of being able to participate in the Suzuka 8Hours Race.

Honda Racing Vietnam is expected to participate in the tournament with current team riders Cao Vietnam and Nguyen Vu Thanh. This will be the first time racer Nguyen Vu Thanh competes in the 250cc category. Supporting these two riders will be a team including: Team Captain Tran Trung Dung, two technicians Do Tuan Anh and Pham Van Tan.

Honda Racing Vietnam participates in the 4-hour road race JP250 honda-racing-vietnam-arrc-chang-1-autodaily-02.jpgCao Vietnam is still a name with high expectations because of its outstanding progress in recent times.

To prepare for the tournament, Honda Racing Vietnam sent Cao Vietnam and Le Khanh Loc to a 2-week training course at Suzuka racetrack last May. However, due to injuries that occurred at the end of stage 3 of ARRC 2019 with athlete Le Khanh Loc, racer Nguyen Vu Thanh will replace Loc to compete. Therefore, not having practiced much before will be one of the difficulties for Thanh as well as the whole team, especially when Thanh is competing at the ARRC tournament with only Underbone models.

Honda Racing Vietnam participates in the 4-hour road race JP250 nguyen-vu-thanh.jpgNguyen Vu Thanh will ride a 250cc motorbike for the first time on the international racetrack.

“Field” races like the Suzuka JP250 4Hours Endurance 2019 are considered a “torture” that tests the engine power of the participating cars as well as the physical strength of the racers under great pressure of time and weather. , along with the tactical calculations of each racing team because similar to F1, racing teams will have to calculate exactly when the racers should return to refuel, change tires, etc. In addition, This tournament is also a place for riders to “pitch” to Japan’s top MotoGP racing teams.

By registering to participate in one of Japan’s top tournaments, it can be clearly seen that Honda Racing Vietnam’s ambition is to bring the Vietnamese racing scene to a new level with the spirit of accepting great challenges. However, because this is the first time participating in the Suzuka JP250 4 Hours Endurance Road Racing, the team still sets the main goal of rubbing and learning experience.

For the two participating riders, this will be an opportunity for them to improve their skills as well as challenge their limits. Hopefully the two riders will make an impression and soon be able to join the team to battle at the Suzuka 8Hours Race.

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