Honda MSX 125: Small car with personality

Entering the manual clutch vehicle market somewhat later than its competitors, Honda Vietnam has chosen a completely different direction with the MSX 125 product.

Unlike other car manufacturers that have had products in the manual transmission segment in Vietnam and are quite large in size. After careful research on domestic vehicle operating conditions, Honda decided to bring in a compact manual transmission model, the MSX 125, imported directly from Thailand, suitable for many customers.

Honda MSX 125: Small car with personality Honda MSX 2014 (1).jpgHonda MSX 125 is imported directly from Thailand

Another reason urging Honda Vietnam to bring back the MSX 125 is the strong preference of consumers in Vietnam for MSX 125 through the unofficial import route. In order to bring the best benefits to consumers such as avoiding the price “chaos” of stores, enjoying warranty, maintenance and replacement of genuine spare parts when necessary.


Overview, Honda MSX 125 has a sporty, modern and true “street” design thanks to the use of a manual clutch system, the engine part is “showed off” to the outside like a naked bike and the rear exhaust pipe is in the right position. quite high, close to the saddle, looks like “locomotive” models or Honda’s legendary large displacement vehicle Hornet (CB600F).

With reasonable size, MSX 125 It is also an extremely convenient car, suitable for all traffic conditions, especially narrow roads in big cities, exactly like the purpose of creating the MSX of Honda engineers.

Compact design but MSX 125 and is fully equipped with features like a large displacement sports car. A pair of thick, large-sized tires and 12-inch cast aluminum rims with a 5-spoke Y-shaped design provide good traction when running at high speeds and taking corners. In particular, Honda has cleverly divided to reserve a lot of space for the fuel tank, giving users a comfortable feeling for the driver.

Honda MSX 125: Small car with personality Honda MSX 2014 (9).jpg

Even though it is a small car, the MSX 125 is still quite carefully cared for. One of the plus points of Honda MSX 125 is the up side down shock absorber at the front like large displacement vehicles. The rear shock absorber is also quite modern with a single cylinder placed in the middle, both front and rear wheels use disc brakes. MSX tire size 120/70 – 12 for front and 130/70 -12 rear, seat height 765mm and fuel tank capacity 5.5 liters.

Chassis structure-Equipment

The frame structure of the MSX 125 is in the form of a single steel backbone. The arrangement of the rack adjacent to the rear helps to simplify the frame design of the vehicle. The ability to adjust the force on the rear swingarm and engine mount provides perfect balance, creating a feeling of comfort and confidence for the user. This frame design allows the integration of the PGM – FI electronic fuel injection system and electrical system in the fuel tank frame structure without reducing fuel tank capacity.

The fuel tank plastic cover is assembled from 13 pieces with 7 different types of plastic, creating an impressive shape and capacity, while also making it easier to change plastic and color match to your liking. MSX 125 Using spherical mirror headlights, the projector style combines fashion and sport, giving good brightness.

The compact taillight cluster, using LED technology, is a highlight when viewed from the rear. Digital watch face with clear display parameters especially in the evening. However, the car only indicates the gear position at level N, the remaining numbers are not available, so it may cause some inconvenience for those who are new to riding a manual clutch. But once you get used to the car, this is not a problem, just feel if the car has enough speed or not and then reduce/increase the gear accordingly.


MSX 125 is a manual clutch vehicle model with a 4-stroke, 125cc, air-cooled engine and PGM – FI electronic fuel injection system with a maximum capacity of 7.2 Kw (9.7 horsepower) at 7,000 rpm, Maximum torque of 10.9 Nm at 5,500 rpm, comes with a 4-speed gearbox. MSX’s 125cc engine has the ability to operate stably, achieve economic efficiency and operate smoothly thanks to perfect combustion and optimal friction reduction technology.

Driving feeling: Light, easy to maneuver in the city

With a weight of only about 100kg of the MSX 125, driving the bike is quite easy for girls who are using a manual transmission for the first time. That is also the reason why many new customers of MSX 125 are individualistic girls who do not like to use scooters. Along with a seat height of only 765mm, the driver only needs to be over 1.55m tall to be able to “carefree” drive the MSX 125. Besides, the handlebars (handlebars) are designed to be high. , helping the driver avoid back and arm fatigue when moving a lot.

Honda MSX 125: Small car with personality Honda MSX 2014 (11).jpg

The vehicle’s clutch has low sensitivity, helping to reduce the situation of releasing the clutch too quickly, causing engine shutdown for those who are not familiar with operating the vehicle. In situations where there is a traffic jam and you have to “move” short distances, you just need to “turn the clutch” and the car moves on its own without having to turn the throttle.

… and compact at high speed

Although the 125cc engine block only provides 9.7 horsepower, with a relatively light total weight, the MSX 125 still has the ability to accelerate “remarkably” from 0 to 60 km/h in about 5.2 seconds. With Up side down front and monoshock rear shock absorbers, the MSX runs steadily at a speed of 80km/h quite firmly without shaking and cornering at 60km/h without any phenomenon. rear wheel shake floor. Along with the clutch designed with a delay, the MSX 125 will actually turn into an “arrow” when the driver presses the throttle and “flicks the clutch”. If not carefully controlled, “kicking” can occur. go out.

General assessment

With the MSX 125, Honda Vietnam has created its own direction in the vibrant manual clutch vehicle segment in Vietnam. MSX 125 is a symbol of dynamism, individuality and complete optimization for the user. True to the company’s tradition, from regular motorbike products to large displacement motorbikes.

Honda MSX 125 2014 technical specifications

  • Saddle height:765 mm
  • Petrol tank capacity: 5.5 liters
  • Weight:101.7 kg
  • Engine: PGM – FI4 stroke, 125 cc, 4-speed clutchair cooled
  • Wattage: 7.2 kW /7,000 rpm
  • Maximum torque: 10.9 Nm/5,500 rpm
  • Gear: 4-speed manual clutch
  • Front shock absorber: 31mm reverse travel
  • Rear shock absorber: monoshock
  • Front tire: 120/70 – 12
  • Rear tire: 130/70 – 12

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Khoa Nguyen (TTTD)
Image: Le Thang

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