Honda Metropolitan 2013 – Flexible small scooter

Honda expects the 2013 Metropolitan to be a flexible and convenient motorbike model when operating in the city at a moderate price for customers with limited financial resources.

Metropolitan is equipped with a 50cc SOHC engine, a single cylinder, 4-stroke, forced air-cooled engine and direct fuel injection system, helping to save fuel and meet strict emissions requirements in Vietnam. US market.

With a starting price of only 1,999 USD, the 2013 Metropolitan version is 50 USD cheaper than the old generation when imported into the US market since 2009. However, instead of being produced in Japan, this generation will be produced at Honda China factory and exported to the global market. However, Honda still ensures quality for the brand.

In particular, Metro 2013 will have a newer look completely different from the old version with many redesigned and improved details. Highlights are the new headlight cluster, clock face, steering wheel and signal lights.

Although the overall design is quite compact, the trunk’s storage capacity is up to 22 liters, enough to hold 3 half-head helmets. In addition, right under the steering wheel, Metro is also designed with a compact and convenient storage compartment for the driver. Metro’s design is very suitable for riders of modest height because the total weight of the vehicle is only about 81kg, seat height is 71cm and wheelbase length is 118cm and the maximum speed is only about 65km/h! That seems too high compared to the maximum speed of a standard EPA engine with a cylinder capacity of only 50cc.

The most noticeable change is the new headlight cluster of the 2013 model

However, the driver will not feel constrained by the Metro’s low form. Instead, you can completely experience comfortable operation thanks to the quite large saddle area and spacious legroom. At the same time, with 10-inch wheels, you can still drive smoothly on most road conditions.

Unfortunately, with this new version, Honda still uses drum brakes for both front and rear wheels.

The Metropolitan is suitable and comfortable for the rider thanks to its spacious saddle and footrest

For the motorbike segment with 50cc engines – the newly “revived” scooter market including Yamaha’s Vino and Zuma 50F, Honda’s Metro is still the leading model when comparing price and quality. . Perhaps, a more comparable competitor to Metro is the Sento 50 model of the Korean motorbike company – Kymco, with a similar price. However, fortunately, Honda has an advantage in reputation, reliability and dealer network in the market compared to this car company.

Metro gives an enjoyable driving experience in crowded streets

Certainly, the return of the Metropolitan will make an impression on Honda’s sales thanks to the economy, flexibility and convenience of this car model. This is a good choice for customers who need to travel a lot during the day. crowded city

Le Thu (according to TTTĐ)

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