Honda Lead 125 vs Piaggio Fly 125: Which car do you choose?

Honda LEAD 125cc has just been officially introduced to the Vietnamese market by Honda. This makes competitors in the same segment Piaggio Fly – a car that is said to have many improvements from Piaggio – wary.

Stylish design

Fly 2012 has inherited many of the trendy design features of the Piaggio Liberty, a name that just by hearing it, you will associate it with a product for those who deserve to be stylish. Indeed, in its new shape, Fly 2012 has “transformed” in all aspects with convenient but also very feminine designs.

With LEAD, the car has not changed much. Still has a rough, gentle look and doesn’t have many disruptive features. In terms of design alone, the fact that many people think that Fly has a better design than LEAD is unquestionable.

Honda LEAD – Piaggio Fly: 0 – 1


At Fly, Piaggio has focused on developing many useful utilities for Fly 2012. The most prominent feature that must be mentioned first is the electric kickstand, followed by the arrangement of the front fuel tank, which helps users Easier to use in refueling. However, these are the amenities that Honda has equipped on LEAD 125.

Consumers certainly know Honda’s U-box. LEAD’s very large trunk has made this car a favorite choice for female consumers. The LEAD 125cc’s underseat storage compartment increased from 35 liters to 37 liters, allowing it to hold 2 size L full-face helmets and many other personal items. Fly also owns a spacious trunk, but it can only hold 2 half-head helmets and is smaller in size than LEAD.

In addition, while LEAD integrates the trunk opening lock into the electric lock, Fly still applies the traditional opening method of using a key to open. This is Fly’s disadvantage compared to other competitors in the same segment.

In return, Fly has technological advantages that LEAD does not have such as the engine shutdown function in case of emergency, accompanied by an electric lock system equipped with a safety chip displayed on the central clock. This dashboard is also more modern in design than the previous generation when a lot of information was electronicized. A useful feature that Piaggio equips the new Fly is the passing light switch, this function is integrated into the high beam/high beam mode switch.

Honda LEAD – Piaggio Fly: 1 – 1


Piaggio Fly 125 is equipped with a LEADER engine, 124 cc cylinder capacity, maximum power of 8.0 kW at 8,250 rpm, maximum torque of 9.6 Nm at 6,500 rpm. In the past few years, Piaggio products are gradually applying advanced technology, not as conservative as before. That’s why Fly’s fuel supply system is used as an electronic fuel injection system. That is the key point that provides more fuel economy than its predecessor, the old Fly, and meets EUIII emissions standards. Therefore, the acceleration of the 2012 Fly is not equal to the old Fly, but the engine operates more smoothly.

LEAD 125cc uses eSP – 125cc, 4-stroke, single cylinder, liquid-cooled engine, maximum power 8.4kW at 8,500 rpm, maximum torque 11.5 Nm at 5,000 rpm . This is a smart engine developed as a global engine system for new generation 125cc scooters integrating the most advanced technologies including technology to minimize friction and optimal combustion, The engine integrates the ACG starter and electronic fuel injection system (PGM-FI).

The above engine parameters show that the two cars have similar power, and with each company’s own technology, both cars are considered fuel-efficient.

Honda LEAD – Piaggio Fly: 1 – 1

Fuel saving ability

In the current context of high gas prices, when choosing a car, the first thing we care about is fuel economy. Both LEAD and Fly use 125cc engines, using the same FI electronic fuel injection system.

However, in equipping technologies aimed at saving fuel, Honda still seems to do better than Piaggio. If the electronic fuel injection system on Fly helps the car operate more smoothly and save more fuel, then in LEAD, Honda can do even more.

The key point is the Idling Stop temporary engine shutdown system equipped on the Honda LEAD 125cc. This system has the ability to automatically turn off the engine when the vehicle stops for more than 3 seconds and restarts smoothly without having to press the start button. Thanks to that, the Honda LEAD 125cc has 32% more engine capacity, but is 30% more fuel efficient than the previous version (according to Honda’s internal research data).

Honda LEAD – Piaggio Fly: 1 – 0


Customers who are passionate about the Italian brand will have to spend 43,900,000 VND to own the 2012 Fly 125. While to own the Honda LEAD, you have to spend 37,490,000 VND. The two cars are said to be in the same segment but the price difference is nearly 7 million VND. That is also something that makes consumers consider.

Honda LEAD – Piaggio Fly: 1 – 0


The above comparisons show that Honda’s car is somewhat “better” than its competitors in the same segment in fuel economy and selling price. However, in terms of design, Piaggio Fly looks more eye-catching and stylish. The issue of final choice still belongs to the consumer. Those who need a practical, convenient car, choose LEAD. Those who need a stylish and convenient car, choose Fly.

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