Honda CBR600RR Phoenix: Road warrior

No machine with a capacity of 600cc has won as much love from the sports car world as the special edition Honda CBR600RR Phoenix. This “bull” has an attractive design and powerful performance that makes the driver excited every time he turns the throttle…

Considered a strong competitor of the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R, Triumph Daytona 675, Suzuki GSX-R600 and Yamaha YZF-R6, the CBR600RR once wasted a lot of ink in the press when it became the 2007 model. This car was once the best-selling magazine in the country Bike honor is Car of the year 2007 after rigorous selection from 150 different car models. In 2008, Honda’s bull continued to knock out four of its opponents to win the winter sports motorcycle title. Motorcycle Voted reputation.

The special edition CBR600RR Phoenix is ​​a version designed specifically for the US market. It is considered a “unique product” with a delicately designed “outfit” with a pair of phoenix motifs on the car’s stamp. This is a car model that has made car enthusiasts lose sleep…

Ten points in wealth

Like its predecessor CBR1000RR, CBR600RR Phoenix bears the mark of Fireblade design language with a quite delicately designed “outfit”. Overall, this midsize sports car looks quite aggressive. The front of the car is bulging and sharp to the front. The front fairing is designed in a diagonal pattern commonly found on motoGP racing cars combined with a raised teardrop-shaped fuel tank and an upturned rear tail, making the bike look like a ferocious “bull” growling in a standard stance. was hissed and rushed forward.

The headlights are designed separately with slanted panels on both sides, making the car look very strong, combined with the sharp front end of the car like an eagle’s beak, somewhat making the “face” of the car look cooler. The windshield is mounted on the top of the front cover, rising in the middle, providing both an ideal shelter from the wind and aerodynamic properties that help pin the front of the car to the road surface when the driver “surfs the wind” at speed. High.

The saddle is delicately “married” to the fuel tank and rear of the vehicle, giving the rider a comfortable horizontal position, able to ride for hours on long trips without feeling low back or tired arms.

CBR600RR Phoenix seems to inherit all the “expensive” design details of the racing car that made the Honda Repsol team riders successful. This midsize motorcycle model has been improved in both style and performance with extremely sporty colors and designs.

The rear of the car is designed quite elegantly with LED tail lights that look quite sleek. Adding to that is a large single sports exhaust cluster placed close to the inside made of shiny aluminum alloy which looks very attractive.

The shape of the CBR600RR Phoenix is ​​created quite reasonably on the basis of harmoniously combining the position of parts on the body. This car model not only possesses soft, feminine design details but also has sinewy points. Typically, the fork system looks very sinewy. It’s like a pair of big crab claws stealing the wide rear wheel measuring 180/55 R17 ZR. The front wheel exudes strength and safety with a double disc brake system with a diameter of 310 mm and 4 pistons for 2 brake discs.

Speedy beast

Like the regular version, the CBR600RR Phoenix is ​​a model designed and developed from the super racing model RC211V that is often used by Honda’s Repsol racing team to conquer the motoGP arena. The two letters RR in the car’s name are abbreviated from the phrase Race Replica (meaning simulated racing version), which partly speaks to the most outstanding feature of this car line.

This model is truly known as the “king of midsize sports cars” when equipped with a 599cc DOHC engine, 4 in-line cylinders, liquid-cooled with a maximum capacity of 108 horsepower at rpm. 13,000 rpm.

Sit in the car, unlock it and start it, the sound of the exhaust sounds quite gentle. However, just squeeze the clutch, put the gear in gear and turn the throttle, the car roars up like a ferocious beast and moves as fast as an arrow with quite high acceleration. The car’s exhaust escaped its original comfort and screeched strongly, making the driver excited every time he pushed the throttle high.

The car’s acceleration time from 0 to 100km/h is quite fast. On empty roads, it does not take the driver more than 6 seconds to reach that speed. Crouch down low to hide from the wind, hold your body close to the fuel tank and force the throttle needle to gradually move higher. At speeds above 120km/h, due to the impact of aerodynamics, the front of the car is tightly pinned to the road, making it easy for the driver to control at high speeds.

Thanks to the effective power steering system, the steering wheel creates less vibration. Because the handlebar position is designed to be low, causing the whole body to lean forward, the driver’s arms will be quite tired if the person sitting behind bends forward.

The 6-speed gearbox with two gear steps operates quite smoothly. The clutch system is also quite light, so controlling any beast is not too difficult when operating on urban roads. However, when driving at low levels on roads with lots of traffic, the heat from the engine is very large.

Like other famous Honda models, the CBR600RR Phoenix has a frame made of aluminum alloy and Pro-Link shock absorbers that super sports motorcycles on the motoGP track often use. Thanks to that, the car operates smoothly both on rough roads and on flat roads.

Trying to “curb” like Valentino Rossi once did with this model, the driver forces the driver to hug this steed and “eat the crab” sweetly. The phenomenon of tail splashing and rear wheel dragging is almost completely eliminated.

CBR600RR Phoenix is ​​equipped with a new generation ABS anti-lock braking system that helps the driver slow down faster as well as provide better safety than conventional brakes. With this new generation braking system, Honda’s midsize sports car is stable and safe. When at a speed of 90km/h, the driver tries to brake suddenly. The vehicle decelerates quickly with a straight brake line.


CBR600RR Phoenix is ​​a “unique product” only for those who like to show off their sophistication. With a selling price in Vietnam of about 25,000 USD, equivalent to sportbike models with a cylinder capacity of 1000cc, this model is not for those who are not “addicted” to Honda sports cars.

Bao Chau (According to TTTĐ)

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