Honda CBR250R – The ideal choice

I have to admit that I had a lot of fun on the Honda CBR250R on the way to Toronto. And of course, I also did not forget to apologize to those who were disturbed by the noisy roar like the sound of a jet engine on the street where I drove.

In front of me was a wide street and so I comfortably turned the accelerator while the speedometer needle kept accelerating. It’s been a journey full of experiences for an inexperienced driver like me.

First time driving

This is my review article, so it will be a little different from typical reports by experienced editors who have tested many different motorcycle models.

I myself just had the opportunity to ride a Yamaha Virago 250, and when I bought the CBR250R at Honda Canada headquarters, this was the first time I surfed the streets with a real large displacement bike, so below are the My personal and very real and interesting feeling.

Previously, I had also read countless humorous stories on forums and newspapers about the driving experiences of drivers who bought a car from a dealership for the first time. Those are life-changing accidents or unforgettable incidents.

From there, I also mentally prepared myself when I first bought a new car and also felt secure when I had been trained to drive a large displacement vehicle quite methodically. Plus, I had my friend accompany me to the Honda dealership and escort me on the way home. And so, I have enough reasons to be ready to “ride my newly acquired iron horse” safely home.

First of all, it took me a while to get used to the controls when I first sat in the car. Previously, the Viragos at Humber did not have turn signal buttons, so I had to learn how to use these buttons on the CBR 250R flexibly with my index finger.

With many years of experience riding motorbikes, I just assumed that to turn off the turn signal light, push the stop signal control button in the opposite direction. So with this CBR 250R, it took me a while to get used to pressing the button. control.

The horn button is located right below the turn signal button, and even weeks later, I still mistakenly press the horn when I want to remove the turn signal. In addition, it took me time to adjust the mirror position properly and especially the reflection in the mirror has a quite small scale compared to a car mirror.

The driver’s footrest is more in the center of the car, not forward like the Virago. Therefore, I feel comfortable and my sitting position seems more natural, perhaps because the position is similar to driving a car. Because of this difference, it took me a little time to get used to it. With the Virago, I can rest my foot comfortably on the rear brake pedal, however, with this habit, my friend told me that on the way to drive the CBR250R home, my foot lightly stepped on the brake pedal. The rear and brake lights keep coming on all the way.

The CBR’s handlebars are designed in a quite suitable position and I can sit upright comfortably with this type of handlebars with space in front that is convenient for observing when participating in traffic. I tried to drive very carefully on the way home with a few turns giving me practice using the controls more fluently. However, I encountered an awkward and somewhat frantic situation at an intersection. There was a car driving quite fast on the same route as me when the traffic light turned yellow.

At first, I thought the car was trying to beat the light, but suddenly the car stopped completely, so I was a bit surprised and braked suddenly, causing my car to stall and hang in the middle of the intersection. Luckily, the drivers around me waited patiently and eventually my car started again.

Drive to work every day

After a few weekends of practice getting used to the new bike, at the beginning of the week I was ready to ride the CBR250R to work. On the road I passed, there were many views to enjoy and the city roads were quite empty so I maintained a speed of 60km/h, occasionally increasing it to 70km/h.

Meanwhile, this CBR has a maximum capacity of 22.6 horsepower, equipped with a gearbox and clutch that is quite easy to use. Riding a motorbike to work is really convenient because not only does it save time getting to work, but if I drive a Nissan Altima, I also have to pay a parking fee of 12 – 15 USD per day.

On Highway

One of my big concerns when owning a CBR250R is the driving experience on the highway. The road helps me feel the power and speed of a large displacement sports car. I tested it at a speed of 90km/h and this CBR250R proved its power, stability and smoothness at high speed.

After that, I accelerated to 110 km/h, at which point the windshield was really useful to protect the driver. In ideal conditions, I even saw the clock hand reach the 120km/h mark, but at that time the steering wheel began to vibrate.

The best impression I have about this CBR250R is the fuel consumption. I have to admit this is a fuel-efficient sports car.

Final comments

After a short time, I really fell in love with this CBR250R. Honestly, I find this to be an ideal choice for young people who want to experience the speed and power of a sports motorcycle.

Le Thu (according to TTTĐ/source: motorcycle)

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