Honda CBR150R: The king of flyweight motorcycles

The CBR150R’s fast acceleration, unique design and superior performance are “unique products” that not all “flying class” cars can have. This model with the appearance of a super motorbike can make the hearts of “believers” flutter when looking at it and driving it…

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Sexy “appearance”.

Like its elder brother CBR250R, CBR150R and its younger brother CBR125R inherit many “skills” that Honda’s luxury sports motorcycles often possess. Just by looking at the appearance, regardless of whether you are a beginner or know “six words” about large displacement vehicles, you will be attracted to this sport city model. You can easily recognize this model as the best road-going sports car of 2010, the VFR12000F, which “inherited” the large headlight cluster in the middle, creating a dynamic, aggressive look often seen in some racing cars. .

Titled VFR1200F, CBR150R is also equipped with a suspension system with front shock absorbers with 43mm travel and Pro-Link rear shock absorbers. In addition, this “stealth horse” also makes a strong impression with a frame made from sturdy aluminum alloy. The delicately designed fairing, embracing the solid engine block, makes the CBR150R exude the robustness of a Honda sports car.

Although it has similar features to the VFR1200F, the CBR150R also has the direction of the CBR1000RR supercar. This model inherits the other supercar’s red look with body cladding. The saddle is designed in harmony with the fuel tank and rear of the vehicle, giving the driver a comfortable sitting position, rarely feeling tired or having back pain when driving on long distances.

The most impressive thing is that in addition to the two regular versions in red and black, the CBR150R also has a version with HRC outfit. This is the outfit that always makes Honda “followers” in the country of cherry blossoms lose sleep.

However, saying that does not mean that the CBR150R does not have its own design lines, completely different from its predecessor models, especially the CBR250R. The careless “face” of the VFR1200F and CBR250R models, when transferred to the CBR150R, has a few small changes. The two child lights located symmetrically next to the main headlight have been slightly changed with round ball lights, giving the car a more rugged look.

A pair of protruding turn signals on both sides combined with a pair of rearview mirrors and stylized scythe-shaped headlights give the car an indescribable beauty. It resembles the image of a Roman gladiator preparing for battle with iron armor around him, looking majestic. A design detail that makes a strong impression on enthusiasts is the Ultra Clear exhaust pipe, which is designed to be quite “bearish”, bold and muscular.

Outstanding performance

It can be said that if the CBR250R is a serious competitor to the Ninja 250R, then the CBR150R is a “love rival” that the Yamaha R15 can hardly compete with when competing. This sport city model has the knack of operating quite smoothly when rolling on urban streets. Just moved the station, the car accelerated quickly.

According to Saigon motorcyclists, the CBR150R is capable of surfing the streets quickly, the rider does not have to work hard to control it thanks to the highly aerodynamic front fairing. When the car is surfing at high speed, the car is quite compact.

The manufacturer said the car takes 7 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100km/h. A fast acceleration that is worthy of the CBR150R’s competitors. The reason the CBR150R has the ability to accelerate quickly is because this model is equipped with a DOHC “heart” with a capacity of 149cc, with a capacity of 19.5 horsepower at 10,500 rpm. Compared to the old model, this model has 0.9 horsepower more and about 2.7 horsepower more than its rival YZF-R15.

Experiments on the road show that when the redline reaches number 3, the electronic clock on the car jumps to the number 90. With a dry weight of 138kg and a reasonably designed seat height (695mm), the driver has the feeling of driving. comfortable. Because it is a 150cc version and equipped with a 6-speed gearbox, the car has quite short gear steps.

However, on crowded roads, the CBR150R clearly shows its superiority in transmission ratio at low gear levels. Nearly phenomenon, shock does not seem to appear. And especially, with the clutch being quite light, the driver doesn’t feel tired having to squeeze the clutch every time he downshifts.

Often some 150cc models often have head vibration when reaching speeds over 100km/h due to the impact of engine rpm. But, perhaps thanks to inheriting the new frame structure of the “VFR1200F warrior”, the CBR150R operates very firmly. With 140/70-17 rear wheels, the driver confidently takes turns at wide angles at speeds of over 70km/h. CBR150R “swallows” corners with driving feel and balance, high stability and good road grip.

One shortcoming that the CBR150R has like many other completely imported cars is that the exhaust sound is quite “feminine”. For those who like ostentation and roar like the MotoGP series, they will not be very interested in this Euro 3 standard vehicle even though it has a branded exhaust.

But, that is also a huge advantage as you don’t have to be afraid of neighbors complaining every time you leave early and come home late. At intersection corners, passersby will look at you and your car with sympathetic eyes, admiring because the car does not emit smoke. That’s thanks to the PGM – FI fuel injection system that Honda equips on the CBR150R.

This system uses a microprocessor unit (ECU) to ensure the ideal amount of fuel is supplied to the engine to reduce fuel consumption and harmful emissions to the environment. The car operates well regardless of different road conditions thanks to these “brains” that calculate very carefully.


With a price of 120 million CBR150R is a very suitable car for those who are just “learning the basics” of motorbikes… The car is suitable for Vietnamese people thanks to its relatively low saddle height. However, for those who like the aggressiveness of motorcycles with loud exhaust sounds, the CBR150R is not a good choice because the engine only has 1 cylinder.

Long Nguyen (according to PLXH)

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