Honda CBR150R 2015 vs. Yamaha R15 2014: A rivalry

As a rule, every time Yamaha releases an upgrade for the R15, Honda will immediately refresh the CBR150R to keep up with its serious rival.

In April this year, Yamaha’s very popular 150cc motorbike model was introduced in Indonesia at an extremely attractive price. Nearly 5 months later, it was Honda’s turn to launch a completely new upgraded version of their beloved product to continue the fierce competition with their compatriots.

Honda CBR150R 2015 vs.  Yamaha R15 2014: The rivalry between Yamaha R15 (3).jpg

Chief Honda CBR150R 2015 and Yamaha R15 2014 both inherit the essence from their large displacement seniors, so they all look very sporty, strong and eye-catching, especially for young people who are passionate about speed but do not have the means. In Vietnam, the prices of the two cars are not much different – both are around 100 million, so choosing which one is quite a headache. Below we will make a few small comparisons to see the strengths and weaknesses of each car.


The 2014 R15 does not have too many changes compared to the previous version, still retaining the design inspired by the elder R6, especially the poised, steady posture when running on the road and the strong, curved lines. in exterior design. The Delta box frame on previous versions is still applied on the 2014 version, the stamp design on the new car is somewhat simpler than the old version but still does not lose the appeal of the R15. One of the few changes in the new version is that the brake calipers, both front and rear, are hydraulic and yellow. The display cluster is still a combination of traditional electronic and analog forms.

If the 2014 R15 does not have too many changes compared to before, the 2015 CBR150R is a completely transformed version. Still a typical design on the CBR lines, the 2015 CBR150R has a beautiful and powerful pair. The “full fairing” one-piece plastic fairing is the same as on the elder CBR1000RR fireblade, the newly designed side skirts look very aggressive when combined with a completely new exhaust pipe: tapered, longer and covered with a single layer. metal. The light-weight, high-stiffness lattice frame is also equipped on the new version. The chassis is made from Deltabox material to help prevent vibration better and be more stable during operation on the road.

Honda CBR150R 2015 vs.  Yamaha R15 2014: Rival cbr150r 2015 (7).jpg

CBR150R 2015 Honda applies Pro-link front suspension system, monoshock rear shock absorber and hydraulic telescopic front shock absorber. The front wheel is designed to be upgraded to 110/70 – 17, the rear wheel is 130/70 – 17 and uses tubeless tires. Equipped on the front wheel is a single disc brake with a diameter of 276 mm. The rear taillight cluster is designed quite compactly to hug the rear of the car, with 2 large turn signal lights separated to the bottom. The electronic dashboard combined with a mechanical clock helps display complete information about speed, engine rpm, distance traveled and traveled, fuel level and temperature.


The 2014 Yamaha R15 uses a 4-stroke, 150 cc engine along with some upgraded parts such as a revised throttle sensor, combined with the company’s 2nd generation electronic fuel injection. , along with a complete redesign of the vehicle’s ECU. Such improvements help the R15’s power increase to 19 horsepower, 2 horsepower more than the old version, maximum torque is still 15 Nm.

Honda CBR150R 2015 vs.  Yamaha R15 2014: The rivalry between Yamaha R15 (9).jpg

Meanwhile, the 2015 CBR150R uses a 149.4 cc single-cylinder 4-stroke engine with DOHC technology, double camshafts arranged at the top of the machine above the valve. The car has a capacity of 17.1 horsepower at 10,500 rpm and maximum torque of 13 Nm at 7,500 rpm. Using a 6-speed PMG-FI electronic fuel injection gearbox helps the car only consume 2.3L of fuel per 100 km.

Honda CBR150R 2015 vs.  Yamaha R15 2014: The rivalry between cbr150r 2015 (22).jpg


Both cars have relatively similar technical specifications, the R15 2014 is only slightly better than the CBR150R 2015 in terms of power because it has been upgraded to 19 horsepower compared to 17.1 of the CBR. The biggest difference between the two cars is that the CBR150R uses DOHC double cam technology while the Yamaha uses SOHC single cam technology. The benefits that DOHC brings are many, but its “key” attributes are that it allows the operation of a configuration of 4 valves per cylinder and helps the valve actuator operate more efficiently at high engine speeds. Being slightly better at high rpm helps the CBR150R gain an advantage over the R15 when stepping on the track, however, if running on the street requires more initial power, the R15 has an advantage over the CBR150R. Yamaha R15 is always most powerful when running at speeds from 30 – 70 km/h, but it is quite difficult to start accelerating to high speeds.

Honda CBR150R 2015 vs.  Yamaha R15 2014: The rivalry between Yamaha R15 (17).jpg Honda CBR150R 2015 vs.  Yamaha R15 2014: The rivalry between cbr150r 2015 (8).jpg Both are equipped with their own strengths.

With a design inspired by its extremely powerful elder brother, the YZF R6, the R15 possesses an extremely excellent aerodynamic design, especially for those who always enjoy holding the handlebars and running on sharp bends. shirt by R15 has a very perfect balance system. If you want to experience the most comfortable and smooth feeling when driving at high speed, come to the Honda CBR150R because the saddle position as well as the handlebars are designed very appropriately. In general, each product has its own strengths and targets customers in its own way.


The Honda CBR150R’s design changes will help the car receive positive feedback from consumers because of its beauty and a completely new style. However, for those who love cars and especially Yamaha cars, even though the 2014 R15 does not have too many changes, for them a car like that is already great, meeting many requirements. that a small displacement vehicle can bring.

A notable point is that the newly arrived Honda CBR150R 2015 has a slightly higher price: 114 million compared to more than 100 million of the R15, this will more or less affect customer psychology when choosing a car. As mentioned above, each car model will reach customers in its own way and choosing which car will remain the main decision for the consumer.

Technical specifications of Yamaha R15 2014:

  • Saddle height:800 mm
  • Petrol tank capacity: 12 liters
  • Weight: 136 kg
  • Engine: PGM – FI, 4 stroke, 150 cc, liquid cooled
  • Wattage: 19 horsepower / 8,500 rpm
  • Maximum torque: 15 Nm/7,500 rpm
  • Rear shock absorber: monocross
  • front shock absorber: hydraulic telescopic form
  • Front tire: 90/80 – 17
  • Rear tire: 110/150 – 17

Technical specifications of Honda CBR150R 2015:

  • Saddle height:780mm
  • Petrol tank capacity: 13.2 liters
  • Weight: 143 kg
  • Engine: PGM – FI, 4 stroke, 150 cc, liquid cooled
  • Wattage: 17.1 horsepower / 10,500 rpm
  • Maximum torque: 13 Nm/7,500 rpm
  • Gear: 6 sports levels
  • Rear shock absorber: monoshock
  • front shock absorber: hydraulic telescopic form
  • Front tire: 110/70 – 17
  • Rear tire: 130/70 – 17

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