Honda CB600F – Naked-luxury bike

Since Honda completely renewed the CB600F model in 2007, the naked-bike line produced on the basis of using the Honda CBR600RR engine has always been the “target” of middle-class “naked” riders.


People glimpse in the CB600F the image of the sun goddess with a two-level headlight cluster and a car mask designed like a laurel wreath close to the “face”. The watch has an impressive optical display. The mechanical rev counter, speed display, fuel meter and various signal lights… are arranged harmoniously and delicately.

The most prominent feature of the CB600F is the exhaust system with a silencer arranged under the footrest. This design creates a solid look for the car, mainly meeting practical needs rather than fashion elements. The fuel tank of this naked-bike line still has the traditional appearance of the Hornet “naked” bike. But the fuel tank capacity increased to 19 liters, very convenient for long trips.

CB600F 2011 is still the successor to the design features that were present on the 2010 version. CB600F engine weight has decreased by 5 kg compared to before, the center of gravity of the vehicle body also tends to tilt and focus forward.

A renewed detail is that the tail is designed higher and tapered towards the back to ensure effective aerodynamics. CB600F uses monoshock rear shock absorbers, HMAS brand up-side-down front suspension system with travel up to 43mm, lightweight 5-spoke cast rims, combined with the vehicle’s center of gravity as well as the rear exhaust body. The bottom is lowered… giving the driver a comfortable, gentle feeling of control. With a saddle height of 800mm, a wheelbase of 1,435mm and a weight of 189kg, this naked-bike line does not seem to be too big for Asian body types.


Regarding the engine, CB600F is certainly the king of mid-range naked-bikes. This model is equipped with a 4-cylinder engine with a capacity of 599cc, liquid-cooled that the legendary Honda CBR600RR series owns. This engine has a capacity of 102 horsepower with a torque of 63.50Nm/10,500 rpm, a compression ratio of 12:1 and a 6-speed transmission system that helps the car operate quite gently and smoothly.

In addition, the car is also equipped with PGM-FI electronic fuel injection system and HISS anti-theft lock system. The manufacturer also has the option of Combined ABS anti-lock braking safety system. The car has three colors: yellow, black and white. The selling price of CB600F ranges from 18,000 to 19,000 USD.

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