Generic TR125 SM – Cheap street rake for Vietnamese people

Stylish design, fuel economy, flexible operation in the city, price suitable for many people. That’s what you can find on the Generic TR125 SM scooter.

Generic is a motorcycle company specializing in producing scooters and off-road motorbikes from Austria. This brand has long been famous in the European market, especially scooters for young riders. Before introducing the TR125 SM tractor line to the market, the name Generic was also known for 50 or 125cc Triggers.

Most of Generic’s products are researched and developed by KISKA Design – which is a leading design company in Austria. Meanwhile, the production line is located in Asia. For motorbike enthusiasts in Vietnam, the name Generic is quite strange, but they will soon get used to this brand when the Generic TR125 SM is available in the Vietnamese market at a fairly reasonable price – 70 million VND.

Street rake style

Unlike common locusts, the Generic TR125 SM has a quite elegant design, true to the “street rake” style with spikeless tires. The vehicle’s ground clearance is also at a moderate level, not too “rickety” like a special locomotive.

The car has front tire size 100/80-17, rear tire size 130/80-17. The front and rear wheels both use disc brakes. Generic TR 125 SM has a dry weight of 121 kg, wheelbase 1,410mm, fuel tank capacity of 7.5 liters. Generic TR125 SM has a quite simple design. Both the front lights and rear tail lights are small in size but have high lighting ability. The turn signals have a small area but still attract attention thanks to the LED bulbs. The electronic speedometer is not too complicated with an engine rpm measurement column, a fuel level measurement column and a speed indicator in the middle.

The car is equipped with a shock absorber system typical of locomotives. The front shock absorber has a large travel distance and the rear monoshock shock absorber allows the car to easily “climb” high steps in the street. The exhaust has an unimpressive sound, but in return, it is arranged high, located close to the rear fender. This location allows the driver of the Generic TR125 SM to safely cross deeply flooded streets.

The shape and design of Generic TR125 SM is quite ideal. However, it is still not for people under 1m70 tall. And that may be the biggest obstacle for young people who love off-road motorbikes but are of modest height.

Flexibility in operation

The most worth mentioning thing about the performance of the TR 125 SM is that it combines all the elements that make up a “cross-country” vehicle but is very fuel efficient. The vehicle uses a 4-stroke, single-cylinder, 125cc, 4-vale liquid-cooled engine. TR 125 SM is equipped with an electronic fuel injection system that provides low fuel consumption.

On the flat roads of the city, with spikeless tires, the car glides quite smoothly at a speed range of 60 to 70 km/h, but appears a bit tired at higher speeds. With a locomotive-style car with a 125cc engine, we don’t expect much from its speed. However, the car proves its off-road ability when the driver tries to climb high sidewalks, even road dividers. The long travel of the shock absorber and the powerful engine at level 2 or 3 make the TR 125 SM overcome obstacles as easily as the hands of the hand.

Rolling on the street, the car seems quite heavy and difficult to control, but when you directly drive it, you will see a completely different situation. The large length of the handlebar makes Generic’s rake have good horizontal balance. The “corpse” looks massive but is very flexible when encountering crowded roads. On rough, steep roads or dirt and rocky terrain, the car does its offroad role well. However, this is a car aimed at flexible travel on the street, so it becomes too much if someone wants to use the 121 kg car to overcome difficult terrain or perform some scratch-like movements. tricker.

The disadvantage of Generic TR125 SM when operating lies in the cooling system. It seems that the cooling power of the air cooling system is ineffective. After only running on the street for less than 20 minutes, the driver felt the heat of the engine blowing strongly on his legs. Operating continuously on crowded streets and having to go at slow speeds, the engine cover is hot and feels like it is overloaded.


70 million VND is a suitable price for many people who are planning to own a scooter. To evaluate the durability of the car, of course, it takes time. However, in the immediate future, the consumer’s gain is that they have another option that is both affordable and satisfies their passion and style.

Generic TR125 SM is currently distributed through Benelli’s partner in Vietnam, the Motorock large displacement vehicle distribution system nationwide.


  • The standard long: 1,410 mm
  • Weight: 121 kg
  • Petrol tank capacity: 7.5 liters
  • Engine: single cylinder, 4 stroke, 125 cc
  • Cooling system: cooled with solution
  • Transmission box: Manual clutch, 6 levels
  • Front/rear shock absorbers: hydraulic dampers/monoshock
  • Front/rear brake system: plate
  • Front/rear tires: 110/70-17/110/70-17

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The Dat (According to TTTĐ)

Photo: Le Thang

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