For the first time, the Vietnam Motorcycle Racing Championship was held in Hanoi

Today (May 25, 2019) My Dinh National Stadium will be chosen as the venue for the second stage of the Vietnam Motorcycle Racing season (VMRC 2019). This is the first time the most professional race in Vietnam takes place in Hanoi in particular and the North in general, promising many exciting activities and bringing great emotions to the racers and spectators in the North.

Speed ​​​​goers across the country are no longer “unfamiliar” with the Vietnam Motorcycle Racing (VMRC), currently a race at the highest professional level, gathering racers and the best racing teams in Vietnam today. However, mentioning VMRC will also make many Northern audiences feel “heartbroken” because after 4 years of developing motorsport, Honda Vietnam has sponsored the organization, contributing to the Cup motor racing tournament. national championship (since 2016) and Vietnam motor racing championship (since 2018) “bombarded” the southern region and some central provinces, while northern audiences could mostly only follow Watch these races on the small screen.

For the first time, the Vietnam Motorcycle Racing Championship was held in Hanoi vmrc-blade-1.jpgThe first time VMRC was held in Hanoi.

In order to respond to the enthusiasm and expectations of the Northern audience, to expand and further develop the scale of the VMRC motor racing tournament, the VMRC 2019 Organizing Committee decided to choose the capital Hanoi as the destination of stage 2. The milestone of stage 2 held on May 25, 2019 in Hanoi is a testament to Honda Vietnam’s unremitting efforts in expanding motorsport to the Northern provinces, lighting The fire of passion for speed enthusiasts in all provinces and cities across the country.

In the second stage, in addition to attractive content in the four categories Blade 110, MSX 125, Winner 150 and UB130, spectators coming to the stadium can also participate in interesting side activities such as test driving Honda cars with engine capacity. big. For customers who love the famous Honda Moto models as well as Honda’s official racing models, this is truly an exciting opportunity to both immerse yourself in the speed party and experience it firsthand. at the racetrack.

For the first time, the Vietnam Motorcycle Racing Championship was held in Hanoi vmrc-msx-3.jpg

More specifically, the audience attending the event will also have the opportunity to directly interact with experienced riders competing at home and abroad of the Honda Racing Vietnam team, Cao Vietnam #65, Le Khanh Loc. #48 and Nguyen Vu Thanh #99. This sharing session will help the audience better understand motorsport, the intense passion, harsh challenges and extraordinary efforts of racers and racing teams at racing events. domestically as well as in the international arena.

Honda Vietnam hopes that VMRC races will become Speed ​​Festivals for everyone, not just a playground for professional racers.

In the second race, there will be the participation of 50 riders in 4 competition categories: Blade 110, MSX 125, UB 130 and Winner 150. Especially in the upcoming race there will be the participation of a number of riders. Coming from the Northern provinces, these will be interesting unknowns because the number of professional racers in the South is completely overwhelming and it is rare to see a racer with a “Hanoi accent” in a professional race.

The most prominent among the riders who will “march” to My Dinh stadium on May 25 will be the four riders leading the VMRC 2019 championship race: Nguyen Duc Thanh (Blade 110 format), Nguyen Ngoc Nhan (Blade 110 format), Nguyen Ngoc Nhan (Blade 110 format), Nguyen Ngoc Nhan (Blade 110). MSX 125 format), Nguyen Tuan Anh (Winner 150 format) and Doan Truong Loi (UB 130 format).

For the first time, the Vietnam Motorcycle Racing Championship is held in Hanoi vmrc-wave-130-2.jpg

Besides, there are riders who are classified as “fierce” and most famous in the current racing industry, such as “Luc Binh” Le Khanh Loc – a rider currently on the Honda Racing Vietnam team competing. At the ARRC tournament, Bui Duy Thong, a former Honda Vietnam racer who competed at the ARRC AP250 category, is the only Vietnamese racer to ever win an international race, the To Ha brothers: To Ha Dong Nghi, To Ha Dong Hieu,…

Thus, My Dinh Stadium, where many historical milestones of Vietnamese sports have taken place, will continue to be the place to mark a new step forward in sports car racing: The first time a tournament will take place. Professional sports car racing in the North.

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