Fly 2015 – Piaggio’s strategic card in Vietnam

Piaggio Fly 2015 with a completely new design and competitive price of 41.9 million VND will become a formidable competitor of Honda Lead 2014 and Yamaha Nozza Grande in 2015.

Launched after competitors in the same segment, Piaggio Fly 2015 was developed based on feedback from customers in the Vietnamese market. The new version has a series of more practical changes but still does not lose the fashion sense of the Italian brand. The new Fly mainly targets female customers in the Vietnamese market.

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If anyone has ever seen the version for the European market, it will be easy to see the similarities on this new Fly. Compared to its predecessor, the Vespa, the Fly 2015 is certainly not as highly rated, but it still bears the most characteristic delicate lines of the Italian brand.

The new Fly has a slightly larger overall size than its predecessor, and the front of the car has quite a few changes. In the middle of the front fairing is a black patch running from the neck of the car and surrounded by a chrome border. Right in the middle of the front fairing is the Piaggio logo prominently mounted. Two diamond-shaped turn signals are placed on both sides of the black panel to create balance for the front of the car.

Fly 2015 – Piaggio's strategic card in Vietnam Piaggio Fly 2014 (23).jpg Fly 2015 – Piaggio's strategic card in Vietnam Piaggio Fly 2014 (24).jpgThe front of the car has quite a few changed details.

The new Fly uses Halogen headlights designed in the style of a woman’s face, with a curved and slightly pointed curve at the lowest point, creating the feeling of a chin on the face. Above the headlight cluster is a panel divided into 2 different colors depending on each option.

The car is equipped with an anti-theft magnetic lock system with signal lights displayed on the clock face, the control panel is designed in a symmetrical style with a fuel gauge on one side and an hour display on the other to increase the reliability. convenient for users. Like on other Piaggio models, the Passing request button also appears on the new version of Fly and is located on the left hand side of the car. The rearview mirror on the new version is quite compact, suitable for a car for women, but that makes the rear viewing area significantly smaller.

The new Piaggio Fly 3-valve chassis is made from reinforced welded and cast steel pipes. The open single cradle structure provides stability to the chassis, helping to resist breaking and bending impacts, ensuring high precision and safety when operating. The body panel has the same size as the saddle above, creating a feeling of balance and quite compact. The vehicle has a total weight of up to 120 kg.

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To serve the practical needs of customers in Vietnam, Piaggio Fly is designed with 2 storage compartments, 1 small compartment located behind the car cover and a very large storage compartment located under the seat. The large trunk under the seat is capable of holding one full-face helmet and one regular helmet. This detail is a point that female users are very interested in when buying a car.

The saddle is 760 mm high, 25 mm higher than the previous model, and the handle to guide the bike at the rear is made of silver-painted metal designed according to the style on the European version. 12-inch diameter rim combined with tubeless tires with wide contact surface (120/70-12″), suitable for high-quality frame, ensuring balance, safety and flexibility when traveling in urban areas.

The braking system is composed of 220mm diameter disc brakes on the front wheel, combined with 140mm diameter drum brakes on the rear wheel. Fly 2015 has a fuel tank located on the floor, using a key to open the lid with a capacity of up to 7 liters typical of Piaggio.


Piaggio Fly Using a 125 cc 3-valve engine, single cylinder, 4 stroke, forced air cooling with 3 valves (2 intake valves, 1 exhaust valve), and single overhead camshaft integrated with fuel injection system Electronic capacity of 9.6 horsepower at 7,750 rpm and maximum torque of 9.5 Nm at 6,000 rpm. Along with this engine is a continuously variable automatic transmission.

Engine parameters are also the most significant change in Piaggio’s new car model.

Fly 2015 – Piaggio's strategic card in Vietnam Piaggio Fly 2014 (28).jpg Fly 2015 – Piaggio's strategic card in Vietnam Piaggio Fly 2014 (15).jpgThe 3V ie engine is a significant change on Piaggio’s new model.

Driving feel and performance

Piaggio Fly 2015 is a car that is quite easy to operate, with light throttle. With the new 3-valve engine, you can easily reach a speed of 50 – 60 km/h in just a short time and add a little more to have a higher speed but still very compact, without shaking thanks to the distribute vehicle weight evenly. The new design makes the car more compact, making it easier to maneuver and travel on crowded streets.

Minus point

A few minus points on the new Fly are that the saddle designed for the back seat is not very comfortable, quite small and narrows towards the rear of the car, every time you accelerate it will create a rather uncomfortable startle reaction. The car uses tubeless dry tires, so every time you go through a speed bump, it will feel uncomfortable. It is a car aimed at female customers, but the car has a weight of up to 120kg, making it difficult for users to lead the car or turn around.

Fly 2015 – Piaggio's strategic card in Vietnam Piaggio Fly 2014 (25).jpg


Carrying the world’s leading brand, Fly 2015 is designed to best meet practical requirements along with traditional fashion style and will definitely be a top choice of Vietnamese youth. The appearance of the new Fly will create quite noisy competition in the mid-range scooter segment in the Vietnamese market.

Piaggio Fly 2015 technical specifications

  • Saddle height:760 mm
  • Fuel tank capacity: 7 liter
  • Weight:120 kg
  • Engine: 3Vie4 cylinder, 4 stroke, 125 ccair-cooled
  • Wattage: 9.6 horsepower/7,750 rpm
  • Maximum torque: 9.5 Nm/6000 rpm
  • Gear: stepless automatic
  • Front shock absorber: hydraulic shock absorber
  • Rear shock absorber: single shock absorber
  • Front tire: 120/70 – 12
  • Rear tire: 120/70 – 12

Hoang Huy (TTTD)
Photo: Huy Thang

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