Feel the “monster” Ducati Monster 795 on Vietnamese streets

With about 333 million VND, riders passionate about the Ducati brand can own the Monster 795 model instead of having to spend nearly 500 million VND to own the 696 version imported from Italy as before.

Like: Suitable for Asian body shape, modern and eye-catching design. Comfortable sitting position, easy to handle in all situations with powerful engine.

Dislike: The original handlebars create a feeling of wrist fatigue when moving at low speeds, the tires must be upgraded to larger parameters to create a better grip when turning sharply at high speeds.

When it comes to Ducati, any motorcyclist will recognize the ability to showcase technology along with the great driving experience that each Ducati model brings. The famous Italian brand was once considered by many players to be the manufacturer of “two-wheeled Ferraris”.

As for the rest, Ducati is a brand that specializes in producing bright red, beautiful and especially: very expensive models! That may be one of the reasons why many car enthusiasts have to think and hesitate when intending to own any model produced by Ducati. Because, the price of a Ducati branded product, when fully paying all taxes in Vietnam, becomes one and a half or even twice as expensive as models in the same segment from Japanese brands. Surely Ducati also recognized a potential market in Southeast Asian countries when deciding to invest in a factory to assemble vehicle models specifically for this market. And, the technicians have thoroughly researched the needs and standard physiques of Asian people to produce the most perfect street product “Monster 795”.

The price in Thailand is already cheap, plus the import tax in Vietnam for motorcycle models produced in ASEAN countries is only 5%, compared to 85% of vehicles imported from the WTO market and 25% of other motorcycles. AFTA country, as a result, Ducati Vietnam has offered a price that makes everyone startled when they hear it, 15,900 USD (equivalent to 333.9 million VND). Compared to the Monster 696 version with a smaller cylinder capacity imported from Italy after Ducati reduced the price from 29,000 USD to 23,000 USD (equivalent to 480 million VND), the Monster 795 is up to 146 million VND cheaper. The reason this car company chose the Monster 696 as its first assembled product is because, since the introduction of the Monster naked-bike line in 1993, this model quickly became a strategic card when bringing of the largest profits for the firm. After many years of engine improvements, in 2007 Ducati decided to launch the Monster model with a new design.

Thanks to new equipment and slight improvements in design, Ducati engineers have helped the Monster 696 escape the classic beauty of the previous generation and create a more modern, fierce look. However, the frame made from interwoven hollow steel trellis pipes is something that cannot be changed. It helps the car to minimize weight but creates a safe driving feeling and is easy to control. If you put two Monsters of two generations to compare in general in terms of design, they are basically not completely different, the fuel tank and saddle design are also kept the same. Thanks to the change in appearance and engine, more than 12,000 Monsters were sold and became the first car model in the world to have sales exceeding 10,000 units in a year.

Exterior design

Ducati Monster 795 has the same design appearance as the Monster 696 model imported directly from Italy. The front of the car is fierce with a two-tiered headlight cluster that enhances maximum lighting ability when it’s dark. The electronic screen displays the rev range running horizontally, below the multi-information warning is designed with high contrast to increase the ability to see information clearly even when traveling in sunny weather.

The fuel tank design with two front air intakes shows aerodynamics. On the body of the tank, high, curving ribs on both sides help the driver have a more comfortable and easier control position when cornering. The car uses front and rear tires with the same specifications as the 696 version under the Pirelli Angel ST brand, 120/60 ZR17, 160/60 ZR17, respectively, and three-spoke aluminum alloy rims.

Comfortable and safe equipment

Ducati Monster 795 is equipped with a series of safety systems from all famous brands. The Marzocchi front shock absorber has an inverted stroke with a diameter of 43mm, the car is equipped with a Sachs monoshock rear shock absorber system with a stroke of 148mm along with a double rear suspension system, helping the car become quite gentle. .

Of course, to control this vehicle, Ducati had to equip a Brembo brake system with a 320mm front brake disc diameter with 4 dual pistons and a 245mm rear brake disc diameter with 2 dual pistons equipped with ABS anti-lock braking technology. . In addition, the Ducati Monster 796 is also equipped with a data analysis system when driving DDA (Ducati Data Analyzer). The Ducati 795 has numbers suitable for the height and physical condition of Vietnamese people such as a dry weight of 167kg (6kg more than the 696 model and equal to the 796 model). The saddle height is 740mm (30mm lower than the Monster 696) to help people with a height of 1m65 easily support their legs.

Engine, transmission system

Ducati also knows how to please Asian customers when equipped with an engine with a capacity of up to 803cc inherited from the elder Monster 796 L-Twin Desmodromic model, compression ratio of 11.1: 1 and combined with a 6-speed gearbox. wet clutch. This engine block possesses a maximum capacity of 87 horsepower at 8,250 rpm (7 horsepower higher than the Monster 696 model). Maximum torque 78Nm at 6,250 rpm. The Monster 795’s fuel tank has a capacity of 20L.

Operational features

The car we evaluated has been driven for more than 1,000 km, with those kilometers, the engine has operated relatively smoothly to be able to operate at maximum capacity. The original pair of exhaust pipes arranged in a 2-1-2 style does not give the feeling of too intense sound but clearly reflects the discreteness in each beat, true to Ducati and somewhat “rushed” in the early stages. due to the use of an electronic fuel injection system.

The streets in Hanoi’s inner city seem to make the car’s movement jerky and not as smooth as large displacement Japanese models. But Ducati is like that, it will take the driver about the first 15 minutes to be able to control the car smoothly in the street with level 2 and the dexterity in the left hand to squeeze/release the clutch, the car shows lightness. when cornering even at low speeds. The front parts of the car are made from durable plastic material and the screw points are almost not fixed to minimize the impact force on the steering wheel when the car is operating on bad roads, making control easier. much easier and more accurate. However, the low handlebars make the driver move for a long time in the street, causing wrist fatigue (the only solution is to replace the handlebars with a high handlebar hump).

Under safe operating conditions, even at level 1, the driver can clearly feel the “fierce” gas pushing the rpm up to 6,000 rpm at a speed of about 70 km/h and shifting to level 2, the The car jerked and rushed on the road with the sound of the exhaust now changing to a higher tone, expressing its fierceness at a speed of 120 km/h. At level 3 you can completely move at speeds over 130 km/h. However, the speed range of 120-140 km/h Ducati Monster 795 shows the best stability and sturdiness, the engine works at 4,500-5,000 rpm. At any speed with the appropriate gear level, the engine always provides immediate traction whenever the driver needs it, but it is not too “fast” but in a gradually accelerating state. One thing is for sure, this car can reach 197-200 km/h at level 6 with a rev range of 7,000-8000 rpm and you absolutely do not feel any vibration or shaking on the steering wheel. The stability is clearer, while removing all prejudices that differentiate between assembling Ducati cars in Italy and Thailand, as many people think. The car operates just like a Monster 796!.

On winding roads, the Monster 795 seems to show its strengths more clearly thanks to a comfortable driving position, providing good visibility so you can make sharp turns at a speed of about 50 km/h and higher in gentle turns, you can easily control without feeling difficult or heavy. However, at higher speeds or on smooth road surfaces, the Ducati 795 does not appear to be “obedient”, the reason lies in the rear tire only stopping at 160/60 ZR-17. The feeling of being slightly out of control will completely disappear if you invest in rear tires up to 170-180/60 ZR-17, greatly increasing road holding ability.

The rear seat of the car should only be used in the rarest of cases because if you move slowly in the street, the heat can easily radiate back to the legs of the person sitting behind, but on long journeys it quickly causes pain in the buttocks.


Monster 795 is not a bad choice for large displacement enthusiasts with the ability to successfully complete the task of traveling in the city and on long distances. It comes with a famous brand, a design that doesn’t easily go out of fashion, a powerful engine and reasonable fuel consumption. With a distance of 230 km, the car has a full fuel tank of 10.7 liters, so every 100 km the Monster 795 consumes 4.65 liters. Currently, Monster 795 is distributed by Ducati Vietnam at a price of 333.9 million VND.

See detailed photos of Ducati Monster 795


  • Saddle height: 740 mm
  • Petrol tank capacity: 10.7 liters
  • Weight: 167 kg
  • Engine: 803cc, L-Twin Desmodromic, compression ratio 11.1:1
  • Wattage: 87 horsepower/8,250 rpm
  • Torque: 78 Nm/6,250 rpm
  • Transmission box: 6 speeds, wet clutch
  • Front shock absorber: Marzocchi brand, reverse stroke, diameter 43mm
  • Rear shock absorber: Single form (monoshock) of Sachs, 148mm stroke
  • Front/rear brake system: Brembo hydraulic disc, ABS system
  • Front/rear tires: 120/60 ZR17, 160/60 ZR17

Thanh Long (TTTD)

Image: Huy Thang

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