Ducati Hypermotard 1100 – “Terrible motorbike” for people who love traveling

A car that combines the ability to move in the city, has the appearance of a hypermotard but has the heart of a super motor. To own a car like this you have to spend more than 600 million VND.

Introduced by Ducati in November 2005 at the Milan exhibition with two versions 1100 and 1100s. Hypermotard is a hybrid genre between a speed sports car and a mountain sports car.

Motard lovers want their car to be able to run at high speed on flat roads and even rough roads. Therefore, it is not strange that you will see motorbikes that have the shape of a motorcycle but have the tires of a racing car. And while the new generation Hypermotard has not yet entered Vietnam with its sky-high price, the old version is still sought after by many people thanks to its mobility suitable for Vietnamese traffic conditions.


The first impression when seeing it is that the car is quite neat and eye-catching. Everything on the car is almost compact, every available space is exploited to arrange every part as centrally as possible. Stands out with a red frame made from pipe bars linked together in a triangular structure.

The front of the car and the front fender are connected together, making us think of a platypus. The large display screen placed in the middle is controlled by a server that is also capable of analyzing data and recording the entire vehicle operation process. Wide handlebars, long saddle combined with a slim, compact fuel tank with lines hugging both sides like the fuel tanks of cars on both sides help the driver control easily and take turns almost like you are driving a sport bike.

The rear of the car is designed with two exhaust pipes bunched together from bottom to top and ending below the tail, the rear license plate integrates neat LED turn signals.


Carrying an L-Twin engine block with a capacity of 1,078cc but arranged and designed quite neatly and reasonably. Two valves on each Desmodromic cylinder allow the production of maximum power of 90 horsepower when the engine rpm reaches 7,750 rpm. The car uses an electronic fuel injection engine and a 6-speed gearbox.

In particular, Hypermotard is equipped with a dry clutch, instead of a wet clutch like regular cars. Seat height is 845mm, perhaps this height is only suitable for people 1m75 or more. The fuel tank has a capacity of 12.4 liters and can travel continuously for 150km before needing to refuel. The car has a maximum speed of 200km/h and a dry weight of 175kg. Ducati equips the Hypermotard with 17-inch rims from the Marchesini brand, coming with a pair of tires sized 120 for the front wheels, 180 for the rear wheels. The rear single disc brake system has a diameter of 245mm, 2 pistons, the front dual disc brake system has a diameter of 305mm with 4 hydraulic pistons. All brake systems carry the famous Brembo brand.

The Hypermotard’s front shock absorber is a Marzocchi 48mm inverted shock absorber and the rear shock absorber is an Ohlin single shock absorber used mostly for racing models. Hypermotard is also applied with a one-arm suspension system, making the car look more dusty from the rear.


With the average height of an Asian person, the weight of the Hypermotard is not too heavy, but the seat height of 845mm makes setting up and getting on and off the bike a bit difficult. The car has a quite comfortable and easy driving position.

Ducati’s typical engine sound makes a quiet space suddenly become noisy. The clunking sounds from the engine combined with the “clunking” sound coming from the dry clutch makes it feel quite uncomfortable. Those who try it for the first time will easily have the engine stall 1 or 2 times, the reason is that the Hypermotard clutch has a short travel, suitable for deserted streets in the West. When the car moves slowly, the engine sounds hurriedly like a wild horse being reined in. When accelerating, it feels like it’s leaning forward a bit and perhaps just accelerating the car can go on any one rear wheel. when. Reaching a speed of about 50miles equivalent to 80km/h is quite simple.

Gently decelerate, lean forward slightly and turn left at a speed of 60km/h. The car feels like it sticks to the road, without the feeling of being sucked into the road or forced like some cars. Drive the vehicle onto a road under construction with bumpy potholes and muddy soil. Perhaps the rough road is not too difficult, but the muddy part is a bit difficult compared to the hypermotard, probably because the car is using smooth tires instead of spiked tires like other off-road vehicles. But the more we drive the car, the more a feeling of excitement appears, seemingly making us not want to leave the car.

The standard version of the Ducati Hypermotard is sold in Vietnam for more than 30,000 USD, equivalent to more than 600 million VND.


Thanh Long (TTTD)

Image: Huy Thang

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