“Crazy guy” Cao Vietnam re-established the best performance of his career

Honda Racing Vietnam’s Cao Vietnam racer just finished 9th/30th on the first race day of stage 6 of ARRC 2019. This is the best result in the professional racing career of the “crazy guy”.

This is the second time the Asia Road Racing Championship has come to Sepang racetrack, Malaysia in 2019 after the opening stage. Cao Vietnam’s best achievement at Sepang in March was placing 10th in Race 2 and earning himself a total of 10 points after 2 days of competition in race 1.

Returning to the racetrack, which is the home ground of many strong riders from Malaysia, Cao Vietnam hopes to at least repeat the impressive performance in March and try to break through to get a more impressive position. Remember, Malaysia is the country with the earliest development of motor racing and is currently the country with the most developed motorsport in Southeast Asia. It is not an exaggeration to say that this is the “Holy Land” of ASEAN motor racing. . In the AP250 content, many strong riders from Malaysia will be a challenge to Cao Vietnam.

After the qualifying race taking place this morning (September 21), the injured driver of Honda Racing Vietnam got the 19th starting position, this will be a challenging position for the goal of reaching the final top 10.

However, with his determination and bravery, the racer nicknamed “crazy man” did not disappoint the coaching staff or fans. With his cunning and competition experience, although the starting point was not really impressive, Cao Vietnam quickly entered the leading group and earned himself a stable position in the group of 10 strongest riders. .

Honda Racing Vietnam driver Cao Vietnam wears number 65.

There were many times when Cao Vietnam climbed to 8th place and was very close to the top group of athletes. This is a rare competition where the driver from Honda Racing Vietnam always keeps a very close distance with the group of athletes competing for 3 positions on the Podium podium. In races that have taken place, usually the leading group will often leave quite a distance from the chasing group with Cao Vietnamese racer and quickly separate from the group after the first 2 – 3 laps. This is considered the outstanding progress of the “crazy man”.

At the end of the first day of competition, Cao Vietnam finished 9th overall, bringing home 7 more valuable points. This is also the highest achievement in Cao Vietnam’s professional racing career and is equal to the position he achieved at Race 1 Round 3 in Thailand this season. After Race 1, Round 6, the Honda Racing Vietnam driver had 39 points, continuing to compete for a position in the top 15 when the season ends.

Tomorrow, Cao Vietnam will continue to enter the second day of competition of stage 6 with the starting position of 19/30 riders. With his impressive achievements today, Cao Vietnam will certainly have more confidence and determination to achieve even better results and bring glory to the Honda Racing Vietnam team as well as satisfy people. fan.

ARRC 2019 stage 6: Pilgrimage to the “Holy Land”

To Nguyen from Sepang, Malaysia (Forum.autodaily.vn)

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