Construction begins on Formula 1 racetrack in Hanoi

On March 20, 2019, the People’s Committee of Hanoi and Vietnam Grand Prix Company (part of Vingroup) held the Groundbreaking Ceremony of Hanoi Formula 1 Raceway in Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi.

Hanoi Formula 1 racetrack (F1 Hanoi) and functional areas are deployed on a total area of ​​88 hectares, including part of the campus of My Dinh Sports Complex and part on existing public roads. in.

Construction begins on Formula 1 racetrack in Hanoi cong-thuc-1-khoi-cong-04.jpgThe groundbreaking ceremony for the Hanoi Formula 1 racetrack took place this morning (March 20).

The racetrack has a length of 5,565km, including 22 classic corners inherited and inspired by the most attractive racetracks in the world such as Germany, Monaco and Japan… In particular, Hanoi Formula 1 Racetrack will be The only place that allows racers to display high speed on a long straight track like in a professional racetrack, while also demonstrating superior skills at tricky corners typical of a street racetrack, creating making it one of the most dramatic and challenging races in the world.

Consulted and designed by Formula 1 Group and Tilke Company (Germany), Hanoi Formula 1 Racetrack will ensure the strictest technical and safety criteria with high quality raw materials. domestically and internationally in accordance with the standards of the World Sports Car Federation – FIA.

Construction begins on Formula 1 racetrack in Hanoi cong-thuc-1-khoi-cong-02.jpg Mr. Jean Todt, President of the International Automobile Federation, said that Hanoi’s hosting of the Formula 1 race will help propagate traffic safety in Vietnam.

Serving the racetrack are support items such as: Operations center; Tire changing road; Control area; Race track support area; event areas… In particular, mobile grandstands are calculated and designed to be arranged along the track, especially at the corners where there are dramatic chases, ensuring Effectively exploit vision so the audience can fully enjoy the developments on the racetrack. The event areas will not only be the place to host a series of attractive side events for fans, but also introduce products – culture – cuisine of Hanoi and Vietnam to the world.

The groundbreaking ceremony of the Hanoi Formula 1 racetrack is the official start for the world’s most prestigious race to be present in Vietnam, contributing to promoting the image, culture and tourism of Hanoi – Vietnam. world, creating a premise to attract investment, technology… as well as important and influential international events to Vietnam. It is expected that all items of the Hanoi Formula 1 Racetrack will be completed in March 2020.

From April 2020, Hanoi – Vietnam will officially become one of the 22 venues hosting the Formula 1 Racing Championship. With a unique and different design, the Hanoi Formula 1 Racetrack will be a challenge. new and exciting for all the world’s top racers to explore and conquer.

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