Competing brilliantly, Cao Vietnam won the highest ranking of his career

Starting at position 19/26, “Crazy Guy” Cao Vietnam’s chances of scoring points were thought to be almost zero, but with bravery, Honda Racing Vietnam’s number 65 finished at position 9/26. This is this racer’s best achievement in the AP250 category.

Let’s follow the Autodaily editor’s quick interview with “Crazy Guy” Cao Vietnam at Chang International Raceway (Buriam, Thailand)

Autodaily: How did Nam feel when he finished in 9th place?

Playing brilliantly, Cao Vietnam won the highest ranking in his career cao-viet-nam.jpgCao Vietnam had an excellent afternoon of competition in Race 1.

Vietnamese Cao racer: Right now, I’m really happy because I achieved good results, the best ever, after 2 years of participating in the AP250 category.

Like the goal I set after stage 2 in Australia was to achieve more than the top 10 and I was satisfied when I achieved that goal. However, I was disappointed with my classification result (19/26) and set myself a plan to improve my classification position to gain an advantage when competing officially.

Playing brilliantly, Cao Vietnam won the highest ranking in his career. Cao-viet-nam-1.jpgFor the second time, “Crazy Guy” of Honda Racing Vietnam reached the top 10 best riders of the stage

Autodaily: Starting 19th, but Nam climbed 10 places to finish 9th. So what factors helped Nam achieve such good results?

Vietnamese Cao racer: This is a race taking place in Thailand, specifically Chang racetrack, a place that is very familiar to me. Here, I participated in two categories: AP250 and Thailand Talend Cup, thereby finding my strengths on the field: braking later than my competitors and using sliding driving to be able to maintain high speed. than in crab.

Autodaily: Nam’s goal in Race 2 tomorrow?

Playing brilliantly, Cao Vietnam won the highest ranking in his career. Cao-viet-nam-3.jpgCao Vietnam competes with rivals.

Vietnamese Cao racer: I hope I can achieve good results like today. Today I tried my best and will maintain my spirit of playing hard tomorrow to bring more points to the team.

Autodaily: Thank you Nam, wish Nam will continue to compete brilliantly in Race 2 tomorrow!

Hoang Tuan (from Chang International Circuit, Buriam, Thailand)

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