“Check out” the 3 cheapest scooter models in the Vietnamese market

Very reasonable price for a scooter (approximately over 20 million VND), compact body suitable for Vietnamese people, fashionable design with enough convenient features, 3 scooter models below This is worth considering when your budget is not too deep.

If about 2 years ago, someone wanted to buy a scooter for convenient transportation but didn’t have more than 20 million VND in their pocket, they still had a chance. Although there are very few options, that doesn’t mean they can’t own a feminine scooter for less than 20 million VND.

However, currently, the price of the cheapest scooter on the market is no longer at the above level. Equipped with additional technology, spare parts prices, and increased labor costs make it impossible for car manufacturers to produce a scooter at such a cheap price. The two “big guys” in the motorbike industry in Vietnam, Honda and Yamaha, were also forced to set floor prices for scooter products from about 26 – 27 million VND or more, and lower priced cars have all stopped production.

The “piece of cake” for cheap scooters is now reserved for “chasers” like Suzuki, SYM or Kymco. Anyway, it’s also a good choice for people who like scooters but don’t have too much money.

1. Kymco Candy HI 110cc

Selling price: 20.5 million VND

The name Kymco Candy has appeared in the Vietnamese market for a while in the form of the compact Candy 4U 110cc scooter aimed at young people, especially women. Despite having guaranteed quality as well as many expectations from the Taiwanese car company, up to now Candy 4U has not left any clear mark in the minds of consumers, if not quite faint.

As if to improve the situation, 2 years ago, Kymco promptly added a new version of the Candy 4U called Candy HI 110, but success has not yet come to the car called “sweet candy”. And perhaps because of its somewhat ugly design, this 110cc model has the lowest price in Kymco’s scooter product portfolio (lower than the Kymco Candy 50).

Possessing dimensions of 1820mm x 680mm x 1100mm (length x width x height), Candy HI is still a compact scooter, with a flat forward-leaning footrest design – an unmistakable feature of the car for women.

The car has a fairly spacious trunk, enough room for a helmet and dozens of other miscellaneous items. It is also important to mention the multi-function lock, the storage compartment located parallel to the front fuel tank and the rear footrest with an activation button (feature inherited from higher-end Kymco models).

Candy HI’s 110cc engine has a capacity of 7.8 horsepower (5.8 kW) at 7500 rpm and maximum torque of 7Nm at 6500 rpm, working quite effectively with the ability to appropriate acceleration.

2. SYM Attila Passing

Selling price: 22.9 million VND

Not too “noisy” like some other scooter models on the market, Attila Passing still attracts the attention of a part of users thanks to its compact but strong and dynamic design, especially when operating on the road. crowded streets.

Attila Passing uses a 111.1cc engine, capacity of 5.82 kW at 8,000 rpm and maximum torque of 7.88 Nm at 6,000 rpm. Compared to SYM’s previous models using small fuel tanks, Attila Passing EFI’s engine with integrated electronic fuel injection has much more optimal fuel consumption.

The suggested retail price of this model is 22.9 million VND – a price that cannot be cheaper for a scooter that looks very personal.

3. Suzuki SkyDrive

Price: 24.5 million VND

Almost when we come to Suzuki’s showroom, we almost forget the appearance of this Suzuki scooter model for women. If you look closely, you can see that SkyDrive is no worse than its senior Hayate. However, for different reasons, this car model is rarely noticed by consumers.

If you are a pragmatic person who needs a scooter for convenient travel at a cheap price, the Suzuki SkyDrive is a good choice.

Possessing a bold aerodynamic design, the overall design of the Suzuki SkyDrive 125 is soft, curving lines along the body. The point that makes the difference for SkyDrive 125 is the large headlight system that covers the entire front cover. Increasing the volume of the front of the vehicle helps create two storage compartments located on the back of the front fairing. The cast wheel rim assembly has a diameter of 14 inches, equivalent to the rim size on the Honda Click 110. The SkyDrive 125 has a seat height of 760mm and a total dry weight of 108kg.

Suzuki SkyDrive 125 uses a 4-stroke, single cylinder, air-cooled engine with a compression ratio of 9.6:1 and uses a continuously variable transmission system. The advanced technology of the engine on the SkyDrive 125 model introduced by Suzuki is the application of cylinder plating with SCEM complex chemical material to bring high power, low fuel consumption and good cooling efficiency.

Currently, Suzuki SkyDrive 125cc is still sold at Suzuki Vietnam dealers at a price of 24.5 million VND.

The Dat (TTTD)

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