ARRC 2019 Stage 5 Race 1: The improvement is more gratifying than Cao Vietnam’s score

At the end of Race 1 on the first day of competition of stage 5 of ARRC 2019 at Zhuhai International Circuit (ZIC), China, Cao Vietnam finished in 14th place/26 riders and won 2 more points. for the Honda Racing Vietnam team in the AP250 category.

Not only did he bring back valuable points for the team, “Crazy Guy” also showed an extremely encouraging sign of the gap compared to the top riders. Specifically, in the qualifying race with the Honda CBR250RR, Cao Vietnam reached the 17th starting position with the fastest lap of 1m55.286s, less than 3 seconds behind the pole winner.

ARRC 2019 Stage 5 Race 1: The improvement is more gratifying than Cao Vietnam's score race-1-arrc-.jpgCao Vietnam significantly improved the distance compared to the top.

And when racing officially in Race 1, this improvement continued to be clearly shown. At the end of 10 laps, Cao Vietnam finished in 14th place, increasing his performance by 3 places. But what’s more important is that the gap between number 65 and the top is increasingly narrowing. The total time to complete Race 1 of the Honda Racing Vietnam team driver was 19m21.701s, only 10s away from the top 5 position. If this momentum is maintained, “Crazy Man” can absolutely go further.

Let’s follow Cao Vietnam’s quick sharing after completing Race 1, Stage 5 of ARRC 2019.

Autodaily: How do you evaluate your classification position?

Vietnamese Cao racer: It was my first time racing at this racetrack, so I was satisfied with my classification results, although before starting I was a little worried about whether the brakes of the CBR250RR would work well or not. And fortunately everything went smoothly.

ARRC 2019 Stage 5 Race 1: The improvement is more gratifying than Cao Vietnam's score race1-1.jpg

Autodaily: Are you satisfied with your performance in Race 1?

Vietnamese Cao racer: In terms of performance, it’s not as good as previous races, but I’m happy that the gap with the leading racer has narrowed significantly. I could have run better, but actually the harsh weather at the racetrack today caused the brake pads of the CBR250RR to heat up quickly and I had to actively slow down 2-3 laps.

Autodaily: How do you rate this racetrack?

Vietnamese Cao racer: As for Zhuhai International Circuit, this racetrack is very easy to get used to because there are only two types of corners: hard corners and low-speed corners. I myself quickly adapted to the conditions here and only had a little problem with braking points. The other riders braked about 10-20m later than me.

Autodaily: Thank you, hope you compete even better in Race 2 tomorrow.

If Cao Vietnam brought a good sign to the whole team, the “Song Thanh” pair did not get the desired results. Starting at positions 28 and 29 respectively, Nguyen Duc Thanh and Nguyen Vu Thanh finished at positions 21 and 22 respectively.

ARRC 2019 Stage 5 Race 1: The improvement is more gratifying than Cao Vietnam's score race1-2.jpgThe “Song Thanh” couple did not get the desired results.

When asked about their achievements in Race 1, both Duc Thanh and Vu Thanh were not satisfied. Physical strength, poor braking point selection skills, unstable vehicle operation, a new racetrack or too hot weather are factors that these two riders need to improve if they want to advance further in the continental arena.

Race 2 will continue to take place tomorrow (August 11), at 12:10 (Vietnam time) and will be reported live on Vietnam Motor Racing Fanpage. and Honda Vietnam

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