ARRC 2019 stage 5: “Awakening the giant”

On August 10-11, stage 5 of the 2019 ARRC season will officially take place at Zhuhai international racetrack, Guangdong, China. After 7 years of absence since 2012, the Asian Motorcycle Championship will return to this international arena. For Honda Racing Vietnam, this is the first time Honda Racing Vietnam competes in Zhuhai, and also the first time competing in a bordering country. Can the only representative from Vietnam make a difference?

ARRC 2019 stage 5:

Zhuhai International Racecourse

Starting with a street race in 1993, just 3 years later, the city government officially introduced Zhuhai International Circuit (ZIC) – China’s first racetrack with the ambition to organize organize world-class racing events. ZIC was designed by Kinhill Engineers Pty Ltd, Australia, the unit that designed the F1 racetrack in Adelaide.

Currently, ZIC is the venue for leading Hong Kong and Macau races such as HTCC, MTCC and some leading international races such as Endurance World Championship, FIA GT, A1 Grand Prix,… ZIC originally had 16 turns, but then 3 turns were merged at the request of the FIM, thereby leaving this racetrack with only 14 turns with a length of 4.3 km including 9 right turns and 5 left turns. The longest straight line is 900 m long.

ARRC 2019 stage 5:

Racetrack diagram

Stage 5 ARRC 2012 was held at ZIC. 7 years later, ARRC was absent from ZIC, leaving regrets for speed enthusiasts. Stage 5 of ARRC 2019 takes place on August 10 – 11, speed enthusiasts in China will again be able to admire these speed parties.

The only representative from Vietnam, Honda Racing Vietnam, will continue to participate in stage 5 at the ZIC racetrack in two categories UB150 and AP250.

ARRC 2019 stage 5:

Song Thanh racing pair goes to battle

In the UB150 category, two riders will compete for the team that continues to be “Song Thanh”: Nguyen Vu Thanh #99 and Nguyen Duc Thanh #193.

Nguyen Vu Thanh #99 in the recent ARRC 2019 stage 4 won the first points in the ARRC 2019 season for Thanh as well as the Honda Racing Vietnam racing team in the UB150 category. This will be a great source of mental encouragement for this racer to continue trying in the remaining half of the season.

ARRC 2019 stage 5:

Athlete Nguyen Vu Thanh won the first score in Japan

Nguyen Duc Thanh #193 had a pretty impressive “debut” at stage 4 of ARRC 2019, which took place at the end of June in Japan. Returning to domestic competition in stage 3 of VMRC 2019, which took place 1 week later, Nguyen Duc Thanh continued to show his destructive form by maintaining a 3-stage unbeaten streak in the Blade 110 category.

ARRC 2019 stage 5:

Athlete Nguyen Duc Thanh gave an impressive welcome

During the past month, both riders have tried their best to practice according to the lesson plans given by Honda Racing Vietnam and have shown a lot of progress. The goal that both riders set for the upcoming 5th stage is a position in the top 15.

ARRC 2019 stage 5:

Athlete Nguyen Vu Thanh and technical team

ARRC 2019 stage 5:

Athlete Nguyen Duc Thanh and technical team

With the AP250 category, after unfortunately missing out on competing in stage 4 due to not being physically fit to compete, racer Cao Vietnam #65 is in a state of extreme desire to compete to continue improving. achievements for the entire season. Not being able to compete in stage 4 affected not only the psychology but also the performance of “Crazy Guy” because after stage 3 he had 27 points, not being able to compete in stage 4 caused Cao Vietnam to drop. 14th place, only 1 point behind the top position.

ARRC 2019 stage 5:

Vietnamese athlete Cao is disappointed because he cannot compete in stage 4 of ARRC 2019

Right before stage 5 of ARRC 2019, Cao Vietnam also participated in stage 3 of the Honda Thailand Talent Cup 2019, helping him maintain his driving feeling and have an ideal run for his upcoming return to the AP250 category. The “Crazy Man” will bring all of Japan’s “sadness” into efforts in China.

ARRC 2019 stage 5:

Vietnamese Cao athletes compete in previous stages

Napoleon once said: “China is like a sleeping giant, don’t wake her up or she will stir up the whole world.” Currently, China wants to show the world that they have “awakened” in the field of racing and here, Zhuhai racetrack will be the place for China to assert its position with stage 5 of the Asian Motorcycle Championship. ARRC 2019.

ARRC 2019 stage 5:

Stage 5 of the 2019 ARRC season will officially take place at 12:10 on August 10-11 this week (Vietnam time), the stage will be reported live on Vietnam Motor Racing Fanpage. and Honda Vietnam

ARRC 2019 Stage 4: Honda Racing Vietnam has the first score

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