ARRC 2019 Stage 4 is about to take place: Finding glory in the land of the rising sun

On September 29-30, stage 4 of the 2019 ARRC season will kick off at Suzuka racetrack, Japan. Honda Racing Vietnam team will enter this stage 4 with valuable “baggage”, can the sole representative of Vietnam find glory in the land of the rising sun?

Japan is the place that marks Honda Vietnam’s most brilliant achievements to date in sports car racing. In stage 3 of the ARRC 2016 season in the Asia Dream Cup category, racer Bui Duy Thong finished first in the stage, passing That brought the first podium for the Vietnamese sports car racing scene. And it was only 3 years later that Vietnamese driver Cao continued to reap the 3rd place podium for Honda Racing Vietnam at stage 2 of the Thailand Talent Cup.

Japan is considered the “homeland” of the Honda Racing Vietnam racing team, the Japanese spirit of “Racing Never End” has permeated the blood of each member of the Honda Racing Vietnam racing team. Therefore, every return to Japan brings extremely intense emotions to Vietnam’s only international racing team. More specifically, the upcoming ARRC 2019 stage 4 will be the first time Honda Racing Vietnam returns to Suzuka as an independent racing team. Therefore, the racing team has a lot of hope for the upcoming race.

Honda Racing Vietnam will enter stage 4 of ARRC 2019 with “baggage” to continue participating in 2 formats UB150 and AP250.

Content of UB150: “Song Thanh” ensemble

Although Honda Racing Vietnam is still in the process of finding the first scores in the UB150 category in the 2019 ARRC season, with what has been shown in the first 2 races, Japan will continue to be the place where Honda Racing Vietnam set expectations.

In terms of technical aspects, the “work” UB150, which is a variation of the Honda Winner 150cc of Honda Racing Vietnam, is gradually showing its stability and advantages: acceleration ability and breakthrough power in curves. The upcoming Suzuka racetrack has up to 18 turns, so it will be an ideal place for Honda Racing Vietnam’s car to show off its advantages.

With the technical team of Honda Racing Vietnam in the UB150 category, with the experience accumulated previously, Honda Racing Vietnam can certainly do better at the technical stage of the UB150 category. In Vietnam, we have the idealistic concept of “too busy,” and this time we hope luck will accompany Honda Racing Vietnam.

Luck seems to have turned against Honda Racing Vietnam in the first two stages of the UB150 category. At stage 3 of ARRC 2019 in Thailand last May, racer Le Khanh Loc suffered a collision that broke his leg and did not have time to recover for the upcoming stage 4. Replacing Le Khanh Loc alongside Nguyen Vu Thanh will be “new soldier” Nguyen Duc Thanh.

ARRC 2019 Stage 4 is about to take place: Finding glory in the land of the rising sun nguyen-vu-thanh-99-ub150.JPGRacer Nguyen Vu Thanh is gradually regaining confidence.

Nguyen Vu Thanh is gradually regaining confidence after the first two races, especially participating in the Suzuka JP250 Endurance Road Racing 2019 in early June, which has improved not only his racing mentality. but also helped him get acquainted with the Suzuka racetrack. The pressure on Nguyen Vu Thanh in stage 4 will be greater than usual because he will have to “carry the team” because his new partner has no experience competing internationally. Honda Racing Vietnam is hoping Nguyen Vu Thanh will find himself again at Suzuka this weekend.

ARRC 2019 Stage 4 is about to take place: Finding glory in the land of the rising sun vdv-nguyen-duc-thanh-ub150.jpgRookie Nguyen Duc Thanh.

Nguyen Duc Thanh will be the “brand new” face introduced by Honda Racing Vietnam this weekend. This racer born in 1999 is creating a “fever” at the 2019 VMRC race with 2 first place titles and absolute dominance in the Blade 110 category. Last year in Japan, Le Khanh Loc was also introduced for the first time. to replace the injured Nguyen Vu Thanh and he was able to get 1 point at Suzuka, this year Nguyen Duc Thanh will also “offer” in a way quite similar to Le Khanh Loc, can he get the score? like a senior racer? The answer will be available later this week.

So this weekend Honad Racing Vietnam will compete at UB150 with the duo born in 1999: “Thanh Thanh couple”.

AP250 content: “Go crazy”, Cao Vietnam!

“Crazy Guy” Cao Vietnam is currently in the most sublime days of his career. In the recent 3rd leg of ARRC 2019 in Thailand, he excellently reached the top 9 in the AP250 content and finished 3rd in the AP250 category. TTC. Recently at the Suzuka JP250 Endurance Road Racing Championship, he maintained 3rd place for a long time and made a strong impression on experts, but because he was too “crazy” he slipped and fell to the ground. 3 times and together with Nguyen Vu Thanh finished in 22nd place with tears in his eyes. Although it did not achieve a high ranking, the recent Suzuka JP250 Endurance Road Racing tournament gave Cao Vietnam valuable experience to “revenge” for stage 4 of ARRC 2019. After Chang International racetrack, now Suzuka is the racetrack that “Crazy Man” is most familiar with.

ARRC 2019 Stage 4 is about to take place: Finding glory in the land of the rising sun-viet-nam.jpgCao Vietnam is still the number 1 hope of Honda Racing Vietnam.

Suzuka is a racetrack with Japanese characteristics, so if Cao Vietnam cannot control his “crazy” then he will definitely repeat the mistake of ARRC 2018 here when he was overtaken by 3 other riders. up at the last bend. Last year at Suzuka, “Crazy Guy” improved more than 10 places compared to his starting position but still left the match with 0 points, so this year he will need to fight hard right in the qualifying competition, and the past 4 hours at Suzuka JP250 Endurance Race will be the basis for riders to expect a starting position in the top 10.

The upcoming AP250 content will have 7 more Japanese free riders participating, so the competition in this content will be much higher. Will “Crazy Guy” turn the regrets at the beginning of the month into strength this weekend? Let’s wait.

All 3 riders and the entire Honda Racing Vietnam team are in the best condition and all are ready to be able to seek “halo” in the land of the rising sun this weekend.

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