ARRC 2019 stage 3: Waiting for Honda Racing Vietnam to explode on its “home ground”

On June 1 – June 2, 2019, the third stage of the ARRC 2019 season will officially take place at Chang International Circuit, Thailand. Chang Racetrack is considered the home ground of the Honda Racing Vietnam team, so many people are looking forward to the explosion of the racing team from Vietnam.

Stage 3 of the ARRC 2019 season will welcome the return of the UB150 format. This means that Honda Racing Vietnam will march to Thailand with full force to compete in the two categories AP250 and UB150.

ARRC 2019 stage 3: Waiting for Honda Racing Vietnam to explode on its

Honda Racing Vietnam racing team

In the AP250 category, Honda Vietnam’s hope continues to be placed on “Crazy Guy” Cao Vietnam. Cao Vietnam is currently considered the dark horse of the 2019 ARRC season, having won 18 points after 2 matches and currently ranked 12/27 on the rankings. Notably, this is only the second year “Crazy Guy” has competed in the AP250 format, so his achievement of standing in the top half of the rankings is very impressive. Cao Vietnam’s impressive performance also helped the Honda Racing Vietnam team rank 7th out of 15 teams competing in the AP250 category.

“Crazy Guy” Cao Vietnam will return to Chang International Circuit with confidence and the best physical condition. Before stage 3 of ARRC 2019, this racer had almost a “full schedule” with the opening two stages of ARRC 2019 at Sepang (Malaisia) and The Bend (Australia), along with the first two stages of the Thailand Talent Cup. In all of these matches, Cao Vietnam performed very well. Competing continuously not only helps “Crazy Guy” accumulate more experience but also helps him improve his level a lot and especially helps his driving feeling become better.

ARRC 2019 stage 3: Waiting for Honda Racing Vietnam to explode on the

“Crazy Guy” Cao Vietnam

Chang International Circuit is the most familiar racetrack to “Crazy Guy”, he himself said he knows this racetrack “in the palm of his hand”, so he is very excited to attend the upcoming 3rd stage and hopes to win. Win 15 points in the next race. This is a goal that is completely within Cao Vietnam’s ability if he plays according to his form.

ARRC 2019 stage 3: Waiting for Honda Racing Vietnam to explode on its

Racer Le Khanh Loc

In the UB150 category, two HRV riders, Le Khanh Loc and Nguyen Vu Thanh, are also in the best condition. “Luc Binh” Le Khanh Loc also just returned from a training trip in Japan with Cao Vietnam. His performance is also very good, as evidenced by the first place in stage 2 at the recently held VMRC 2019 Vietnam motorbike race. appeared in Hanoi, on the competition day at My Dinh, he had an extremely convincing performance and completely overwhelmed the rest. After 2 years of becoming a member of the HRV team, it can be seen that Le Khanh Loc’s level has improved a lot.

ARRC 2019 stage 3: Waiting for Honda Racing Vietnam to explode on its

Racer Nguyen Vu Thanh

HRV’s remaining rider, Nguyen Vu Thanh, has just returned from injuries in 2018, so HRV is not in a hurry to put him into heavy training programs. He was given a separate training program at Dai Nam racetrack to retrain his driving feeling and reflexes. The most important thing for the racer born in 1999 right now is the psychological factor of competition. Letting him return “slowly” is a wise calculation by HRV.

Both Nguyen Vu Thanh and Le Khanh Loc said they are having the best preparation for stage 3 of ARRC 2019. The goal set by both riders for the next stage 3 is “to get points and not fall”.

Chang International Circuit, a racetrack nicknamed “Where Speed ​​Meets”, is no longer unfamiliar to Asian motorsport fans. This is currently one of the two best racetracks in Southeast Asia. With a length of 4,554km with 12 turns, especially the last “severe” turn with many long straight sections, this racetrack is considered to challenge both the racers’ technique as well as engine power. of competing teams. With the HRV team and 3 riders, this is the racetrack where the team has competed the most over the years, so the team is very familiar with this racetrack and considers it their “home field”.

ARRC 2019 stage 1: The remarkable growth of the “crazy guy”

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