ARRC 2019 stage 2: Waiting for “Crazy Guy” Cao Vietnam to break the top 10

On April 27-28, Honda Racing Vietnam will officially enter the second leg of the 2019 ARRC season held at The Bend racetrack, Australia. A lot of expectations are being placed on Cao Vietnam and the entire team after the impressive achievements achieved at Sepang at the end of March.

Stage 2 of the upcoming ARRC 2019 season in Australia will not include the UB150 category, so Honda Racing Vietnam will focus all its attention on “Crazy Guy” Cao Vietnam competing in the AP250 category.

The Bend racetrack is not a good memory for Cao Vietnam. Last year was the first time he ran on this track and he slipped and fell in the qualifying race. This incident greatly affected the “Crazy Guy” mentality and he could not show anything when racing officially. Later.

However, The Bend racetrack is also a place to evaluate the “transformation” in Honda’s tactical thinking and playing style. Since this competition in the 2018 ARRC season, Cao Vietnam has paid more attention to tactical considerations in addition to improving his technical abilities.

ARRC 2019 stage 2: Waiting for

3 riders of Honda Racing Vietnam: Cao Vietnam (65), Le Khanh Loc (48) and Nguyen Vu Thanh (99).

Returning to The Bend in the last days of April, “Crazy Guy” and the entire Honda Racing Vietnam team are also in a very different position compared to last year. In 2018, Cao Vietnam came to the Australian stage after a terrible fall from stage 1 in Thailand and a round zero, the Honda Racing Vietnam team has not yet come out to compete independently. Now, returning to The Bend is the only Honda Racing Vietnam racing team from Vietnam, ranked 6/15 racing teams participating in AP250 with a “Crazy Guy” who is ranked 11/25 in the domestic rankings. AP250 capacity.

The fact that stage 2 of ARRC 2019 does not organize the UB150 category has created certain advantages. First, the team will have more time to perfect the techniques for the UB150s, which were newly designed and put into use for the first time this season. Second, the whole team will focus on Cao Vietnam’s performance. .

Never before has “Crazy Guy” Cao Vietnam received as many expectations as he does now. These expectations partly come from the 10 points he won after stage 1 of ARRC 2019 in Sepang, partly from his progress. “in the pit room” of both the driver and the entire team.

ARRC 2019 stage 2: Waiting for

“Crazy guy” number 65 is my number 1 hope Honda Racing Vietnam.

According to sharing from Honda Racing Vietnam, Cao Vietnam’s progress is partly due to allocating a daily schedule like a professional athlete, from physical development to tactical thinking, technical knowledge to nutrition. nourishment. When starting to practice, “Crazy Guy” also proactively finds new ways to handle things. Cao Viet Nam’s “natural talent” may not be outstanding, but his knowledge about racing is extremely vast and is growing day by day.

To prepare for stage 2 of ARRC 2019, “Crazy Guy” has been registered to compete at the Thailand Talent Cup 2019 (TTC 2019), in stage 1 of the TTC 2019 tournament that took place on April 20-21. , Cao Vietnam excellently won 7th place overall, the highest result he has ever achieved at an international race. This will not only be meaningful in terms of “encouragement”, but above all, “Crazy Guy” seems to be gradually finding the right formula to win.

The Bend racetrack is a new racetrack that has been in use for the second year, the upcoming ARRC 2019 stage 2 will take place on a track with a length of 4.95km and 18 turns. It’s easy to see that with a length of less than 5km and up to 18 turns, this is a real challenge for the racers’ technique. The Bend is always considered a racetrack with a difficult design for any racer. any.

ARRC 2019 stage 2: Waiting for

Hopefully Vietnamese racer Cao continues to bring impressive results in the upcoming stage 2.

In an urgent atmosphere, Cao Vietnam, upon completing TTC stage 1, quickly returned to Vietnam to focus on Honda Racing Vietnam and immediately flew to Australia to prepare for the tournament. With constant competition and travel, many concerns have arisen for Cao Vietnam’s physical strength. However, he said he is currently very eager to return to “conquer” The Bend and feels that his physical condition is in good shape.

With what has been achieved, Honda Racing Vietnam set a goal of getting points for this competition. However, surely the audience and “Crazy Guy” will be much more interested in “Crazy Guy” breaking into the top 10 of the tournament.

Let’s follow and cheer for Cao Vietnam and the entire HRV racing team at stage 2 of the ARRC 2019 Asian motorcycle race taking place on April 27-28.

ARRC 2019 stage 1: The remarkable growth of the “crazy guy”

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