ARRC 2018: “Shaping wolves”

The final stage of the 2018 ARRC season has just ended at Chang International racetrack, Buriram, Thailand. Two riders of the Honda Vietnam Racing (HVR) team, Cao Vietnam in the AP250 category and Le Khanh Loc in the UB150 category, had a performance of dedication, effort and acceleration. Starting at only 25/27 position, Le Khanh Loc finished in 17/27 position on the first race day and accelerated further to 13/27 position on the 2nd race day – a position that brought home 2 points for the team. In the AP250 category, Cao Vietnam started at position 23/26 and improved his performance by 11 places to position 12/26, bringing 4 valuable points to the entire team. On the second day of competition, Nam continued to gain 2 more points for the team with a score of 14/26.

Thus, the ARRC 2018 season has just officially ended. If Honda Vietnam Racing’s ARRC 2017 season is considered “Dancing with wolves”, then through 2018, it can be affirmed that HVR has gradually become a part of the “wolf pack”. Let’s review an indispensable part of that “wolf pack”.

ARRC 2018: “Shaping wolves” arrc-thailan-day1-hires5.jpgHonda Vietnam Racing lineup at stage 1 of ARRC 2018.

“Young Wolf” Nguyen Vu Thanh

ARRC 2018: “Shaping wolves” arrc-thailan-day1-hires8.jpgRacer Nguyen Vu Thanh at stage 1 of ARRC 2018 taking place in Thailand.

Entering the 2018 ARRC season, Honda Vietnam Racing (HVR) introduces a completely new young face: racer born in 1999, Nguyen Vu Thanh. The young man from Dong Nai has officially been recruited to Honda Vietnam’s first team to compete in the UB150 format of the ARRC 2018 tournament. Nguyen Vu Thanh is probably the only Vietnamese rider up to now in the represents a “son of the family” because his father is veteran racer Nguyen Thanh Vu, one of the rare racers of Vietnam’s F1 generation who still appears in some Honda Vietnam races.

ARRC 2018: “Shaping wolves” arrc-thailan-day1-hires7.jpg“Young Wolf” Nguyen Vu Thanh.

Nguyen Vu Thanh had an impressive “debut” in HVR’s shirt, right in the first competition stage of ARRC 2018, Nguyen Vu Thanh won 8 points (5 points on the first day, 3 points on the second day). 2), this achievement is no less impressive than the achievement of “Crazy Guy” Cao Vietnam when he won 10th place in his first competition at ARRC 2016. Although it was his first international competition, Vu Thanh Showing a brave and wise playing style.

However, bad luck and impatience unfortunately stopped Nguyen Vu Thanh’s progress. After the first leg in Thailand, he was sent by HVR to train in Indonesia. During this training trip, Vu Thanh slipped and fell, breaking his arm. While still not fully recovered, the second leg of the 2018 ARRC season took place in Australia. Nguyen Vu Thanh expressed his desire to compete. HVR conducted a thorough medical examination and decided to let Vu Thanh Participate in stage 2 although there is still a bit of risk in this decision. However, in the Warm Up run before the stage, Vu Thanh was hit by another racer, causing his fracture to be affected, and he was not allowed to compete even though he really wanted to.

On the day of practice at Dai Nam racetrack to prepare for ARRC stage 3, bad luck continued to follow Nguyen Vu Thanh. The racer continued to fall, the old fracture still tormenting him. Nguyen Vu Thanh’s 2018 season seems to end here.

It’s too early to talk about the shaping of the playing style of “young wolf” Nguyen Vu Thanh, but with the skills shown and the “gasoline” in his blood, Vu Thanh will certainly become the “spot” of the team. HVR next year.

“New Wolf” Le Khanh Loc

Le Khanh Loc is the name representing Honda Vietnam Racing participating in the 2018 ARRC season from stage 3 in the UB150 category. Racer Le Khanh Loc is “notorious” in the southern racing world with the characteristic of “race where you win.” Although he is famous in the country, Le Khanh Loc’s previous international competition experience is only zero. Stage 3 of the ARRC 2018 season is this racer’s first international competition.

ARRC 2018: “The wolves take shape” arrc-2018-round-4-045.jpg“New Wolf” Le Khanh Loc.

The fact that Le Khanh Loc starts competing from stage 3 will greatly affect his integration process because by then the other riders will have “warmed up” while Le Khanh Loc is just struggling to “enter life”. Next, competing from stage 3 also means that Le Khanh Loc does not have time to prepare before the season, and this is a huge disadvantage for him.

If Nguyen Vu Thanh is a young racer and has to face a lack of competition experience, on the contrary, Le Khanh Loc’s problem is… too much competition experience. Born in 1995, he was 23 years old when competing for the first time at ARRC. For a racer, at this age, racers have already shaped their tactical style and competitive thinking. The same goes for Le Khanh Loc, however this formation is formed from domestic races which have very little similarity with international races, rather in terms of level as well as professionalism and to be able to adapt to the competition. ARRC, Le Khanh Loc must try to eliminate a lot of “instinct” in his playing style. From another perspective, his journey at ARRC will start with HVR helping him find his identity, then taking him “back to the beginning”.

ARRC 2018: “The wolves take shape” arrc-2018-round-4-048.jpg

This part of Le Khanh Loc’s ego is an aggressive, aggressive competitive spirit and a happy, relaxed mood, but his technique is still not suitable for the UB150 format and his tactical thinking. still lacks sharpness. Realizing this, Le Khanh Loc absolutely followed the coaching staff’s lesson plans as well as the team’s proposed tactics.

UB150 content is considered the most fierce and full of tricks due to the technical characteristics of cars like Winner 150 used in this format, so Le Khanh Loc will have to “learn” much faster. if you want to compete.

ARRC 2018: “The wolves take shape” arrc-2018-round-4-039.jpgAfter 4 stages of competition, he had 8 points and the highest position was 11th at stage 4 in India.

Despite the difficulties, positive changes have come to this racer. After 4 competitions, he had 8 points and the highest position was 11th at the 4th stage in India.

This score cannot satisfy him and the HVR team, but the positive point here is that Le Khanh Loc’s competitiveness has clearly increased. For a racer like Le Khanh Loc, being able to change to adapt will be very difficult, but once done, the ability to surprise will be much greater. And he deserves to be praised for what he showed at ARRC 2018.

“Old Wolf” Cao Vietnam

“Crazy Guy” Cao Vietnam is very familiar to domestic sports car racing fans because he is currently Vietnam’s number 1 racer in the international arena. Born in 1996 and has spent 3 years competing at ARRC, since 2018, he was promoted to compete in the AP250 format with the goal of “getting points”.

At the end of the 2018 ARRC season, “Crazy Guy” had 12 points and a convincing performance throughout the season. This result helped him rank 24/47 in the individual rankings and helped the Honda Vietnam Racing team rank 11/23 racing teams participating in the AP250 event.

ARRC 2018: “Shaping wolves” cao-viet-nam.jpg“Old Wolf” Cao Vietnam.

Thus, Cao Vietnam personally and the HVR racing team had a quite successful year competing in the AP250 format. It should be noted that this is the first year that Cao Vietnam competes in AP250, and is also the first year that HVR has complete technical autonomy in this format, so the results achieved are a huge achievement.

The year 2018 marked a remarkable progress of “Crazy Guy” Cao Vietnam in both technique and tactics. At the beginning of the 2018 season, it was clear that Cao Vietnam’s technique was not up to par. his “crazy quality” while his tactical thinking has not caught up with situations that arise on the race track. But since the second leg in Australia, “Crazy Guy” seems to have completely transformed. He still competes with a “crazy” level, but with that comes certainty and wise tactical calculations. The most brilliant performance of “Crazy Guy” was at stage 4 of ARRC 2018, after having to travel “all the way around the world” to reach India, he won 6 points in this stage and finished in the number one position. 11, these are his and HVR’s first scores in the AP250 content.

ARRC 2018: Cao Vietnam’s “specialty” is the ability to escape crabs and avoid going straight

Besides, Cao Vietnam’s achievements at another international tournament, the Thailand Talent Cup, are also extremely encouraging. After 4 rounds of competition, Cao Vietnam was in the top 9 in the final Race 1 race.

Cao Vietnam’s “specialty” is the ability to escape corners and pass straight, but he does not have the necessary stability and often loses the advantage at the last minute. One point that Cao Viet also needs to improve is his ability to run in qualifying. In a match, he can surpass 10 to 12 riders, but due to his low starting position, he has not been able to get into the top once. 10. If you can improve your qualifying racing ability, Cao Vietnam has every right to dream of reaching the podium in the 2019 ARRC season.

“Wolf mother” Honda Vietnam Racing

Besides the riders, the Honda Vietnam Racing team also had an exciting 2018. The first is that the team completely masters the technical aspect of the AP250 format, followed by many new members officially joining the team.

With the fluctuations in the UB150 content, HVR certainly cannot be satisfied with the achievements, while the AP250 content can be considered a great success for HVR at ARRC 2018.

ARRC 2018: “The wolf pack takes shape” team-honda-viet-nam-racing-one-heart-spirit.jpg“Wolf mother” Honda Vietnam Racing.

Currently, ARRC 2018 has ended, however, for HVR, a new race has begun. From next year, the team will officially be completely independent at ARRC 2019 as well as other international races. This is the first time For the first time, an independent racing team from Vietnam participated in the international arena, a milestone for the history of sports car racing in our country. With the experience accumulated over the past 3 years, HVR has enough basis to believe in the competitiveness that the team can create, but there are still too many problems that need to be resolved to become a real “force”. received at ARRC.

Let’s follow and wait for the performance of “Wolf Pack” HVR at ARRC 2019.

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