5 options for manual motorbikes priced under 50 million VND

You want to own a powerful, sporty manual motorcycle, but your financial resources are not enough to “play” with large displacement vehicles, please refer to some options below – manual motorcycles. The handle has a masculine design, the engine is no less powerful but the price is just under 50 million VND.

1. Yamaha Exciter manual clutch

– Suggested price: 40 million VND

– Design: Sporty, strong, close to a manual car

– Engine: 135cc

After 7 years of appearing in the Vietnamese market, Yamaha Exciter has created a unique position in the sports car segment, which does not have many competitors. With a capacity of 125cc, right from the first days of launch in 2005, Exciter has conquered customers with its outstanding performance and sporty design suitable for young people.

Certain success with the automatic clutch version, however, it does not stop there, Yamaha always knows how to innovate and launched the Yamaha Exciter manual clutch version in 2009. At that time, the manual clutch Exciter was implemented. created a fever among young people, and since then, the bike seems to be “alone, one way” when competitors in the Vietnamese motorcycle market have not yet produced manual clutch versions for anyone. any of their products.

This Japanese motorbike company has very cleverly researched the market carefully when targeting young, dynamic people who love speed but only with a small budget. For many young people, using an automatic clutch bike is too idle and not “high” enough. If many people do not have enough financial conditions or passion to own large displacement motorbikes, the appearance of Exciter has given them a very reasonable choice.

Exciter uses a 135cc cylinder engine (larger capacity than common digital cars), SOHC 4-stroke, 4-valve and liquid-cooled. This cooling system helps absorb noise and maintain stable engine operation.

Yamaha Exciter 2012 manual clutch version has a suggested retail price: 40 million VND (VAT included).

2. Phoenix R125

– Suggested price: 52.5 million VND

– Design: Sporty, close to large displacement motorcycles

– Engine: 125cc

The dream of owning a sporty car of many young people has gradually become a reality when the Phoenix car line was launched on the market. This is a product line with many imprints of Vietnamese hands at cheap prices…

Large displacement vehicle brand Visitor has officially introduced to the Vietnamese market a sports car model called Phoenix R125, imported and assembled in CKD form. With three versions: R152, R175 and R250, this sportbike-style model does not hide its ambition to conquer young people who like to express their individuality.

Of the three Phoenix versions launched by Motorrock, the Phoenix R125 version attracted quite a lot of attention. The reason is that this car is as cheap as a regular manual car. Even the Rebel USA Notus RC125, which is classified as a low-cost motorcycle for young people, has a higher price than the Phoenix R125.

Phoenix R125 is manufactured based on the platform of Genata Motor’s Genata RC125 series with typical design lines of sports cars. If you see a car gliding on the road, you can easily be convinced by the car’s appearance even if you closely observe some details that are not as sophisticated as those of models originating from countries that produce motorbikes. world’s leading brands: Honda, Yamaha, Ducati… The vehicle is equipped with a 125cc single-cylinder engine with a compression ratio of 9.2:1 with maximum torque of 10.3Nm/7,500 rpm.

With the launch of the Phoenix R125, Visitor has partly quenched the youth’s thirst for sports cars. If you have to spend more than 120 million to own a youthful sports car like the Honda CBR125R, then it only costs 52.5 million VND to buy a Phoenix R125, which seems not too much for many people. That is a price advantage that hardly any other motorcycle in the same segment as the R125 has.

3. Suzuki EN150A

– Suggested price: 45 million VND

– Design: Strong but not modern

– Engine: 150cc

Suzuki EN150A is a naked bike with a masculine, sporty style and is targeted by the Japanese automaker at a group of young male customers. The car is equipped with an FI electronic fuel injection system and combined with a 6-speed gearbox using a manual clutch.

Although it is a naked bike, the Suzuki EN150A is designed to be suitable for long-distance trips. Specifically, the Suzuki EN150-A uses double rear shock absorbers rather than a monoshock. The vehicle is equipped with a 4-stroke, single-cylinder engine, 149 cc cylinder capacity and air-cooled, not equipped with a water tank.

The strength of a car with a 150cc engine is unquestionable. However, many young people evaluate that the car’s design is still the weakest point that Suzuki has not overcome when launching this popular manual clutch car line.

Suzuki EN150A is now available at Suzuki dealers nationwide in 2 colors: blue and black and sold for 45 million VND (VAT included).

4. SYM Wolf 125

– Suggested price: 16 million VND

– Design: Compact, classic, lacking modernity

– Engine: 125cc

With a “soft” price of 16 million, traveling no less than the “locust” guys and quite fuel efficient, the Wolf 125 has created a new image for the SYM brand from Taiwan.

Wolf 125 has been known and appeared in Vietnam since 2011. Perhaps it has been a long time since SYM was mentioned so much in such a low-cost popular car line since this car company’s Bonus model appeared in the 1990s. 90s of the last century.

On the outside, it is difficult to find elements that bring youthfulness and modernity to the Wolf 125. The Wolf 125 has a 1-cylinder, vertical engine, capacity of 124.6 cc, 5 gears, Air-cooled, capacity 7.5 kW (10 Hp)/8,500rpm, torque 9Nm/7,000rpm. Although it is a manual clutch vehicle, the gear shifting method is not traditional like the Yamaha Exciter or Suzuki FX, but is similar to an automatic clutch vehicle.

You don’t have to spend too much money (only about 16 million) while owning a masculine car, which is a good sign for those who love popular manual clutch cars like the SYM Wolf 125. Currently , those who own and intend to own a Wolf 125 are still a bit worried because SYM only produces a limited number of this model and there are not many replacement parts.

However, with the growing demand of consumers, and initially achieving success beyond expectations, it is hoped that SYM will soon have a strategy for this model to gradually stand more firmly in the Vietnamese motorbike market.

5. Honda Fortune 125

– Suggested price: 41 million VND

– Design: Sporty but not too outstanding

– Engine: 125cc

Honda Fortune 125 is assembled and manufactured by Wuyang Honda Motors China factory, which also produced the Honda SCR cars that once caused a stir in the Vietnamese scooter market. With a reasonable price from 39 to 41 million VND for a 125 cc manual motorbike model, Honda Fortune is also quite eye-catching and attracts men who want to escape the feeling of riding female motorbikes that is flooding the market.

Fortune has the appearance of a naked bike with dimensions of 2,040 mm in length, 765 mm in width and 1,092 mm in height. The vehicle is equipped with a 4-stroke SOHC single cylinder engine with a capacity of 124.1cc, air-cooled and equipped with a starting lever and an electric starting system. In addition, Honda’s front shock absorbers still use a telescopic system and the rear shock absorbers are still traditional cylindrical springs. Fortune’s front brakes use single disc brakes and the rear brakes use a popular drum system.

If you want a cheap, but masculine car that can move flexibly in the city every day, this is not a bad choice.

Thu Ha (According to TTTĐ)

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