5 “hot” motorbike models on Autodaily 2012

Yamaha Exciter manual clutch, Honda CBR150R, Phoenix R125, Honda AirBlade 125 and Suzuki Axelo 125 are the cars that readers on Autodaily are most interested in in 2012.

Having the most reads, the most searched, the largest number of responses from readers… that shows that the 5 motorbike models below are of great interest to Autodaily’s readers and do not hide their intention to own them. .

1. Yamaha Exciter 135

>> Yamaha Exciter manual clutch – Need to find a rival

After 7 years of appearing in the Vietnamese market, Yamaha Exciter has created a unique position in the sports car segment, which does not have many competitors. With a capacity of 125cc, right from the first days of launch in 2005, Exciter has conquered customers with its outstanding performance and sporty design suitable for young people.

Certain success with the automatic clutch version, however, it does not stop there, Yamaha always knows how to innovate and launched the Yamaha Exciter manual clutch version in 2009. At that time, the manual clutch Exciter was implemented. created a fever among young people, and since then, the bike seems to be “alone, one way” when competitors in the Vietnamese motorcycle market have not yet produced manual clutch versions for anyone. any of their products.

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This Japanese motorbike company has very cleverly researched the market carefully when targeting young, dynamic people who love speed but only with a small budget. For many young people, using an automatic clutch bike is too idle and not “high” enough. If many people do not have enough financial conditions or passion to own large displacement motorbikes, the appearance of Exciter has given them a very reasonable choice.


It can be said without exaggeration that the Yamaha Exciter manual clutch version has been making a revolution in popular motorbikes.

2. Visitor Phoenix R125

The dream of owning a sporty car of many young people has gradually become a reality when the Phoenix car line was launched on the market. This is a product line with many imprints of Vietnamese hands at cheap prices…

At the end of April 2012, the large displacement vehicle brand Visitor officially introduced to the Vietnamese market a sports car model called Phoenix R125 imported and assembled in CKD form. With three versions: R152, R175 and R250, this sportbike-style model does not hide its ambition to conquer young people who like to express their individuality.

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Of the three Phoenix versions released to the market by distributor Motorrock, version Phoenix R125 attracted quite a lot of attention. The reason is that this car is as cheap as a regular manual car. Even the Rebel USA Notus RC125, which is classified as a low-cost motorcycle for young people, has a higher price than the Phoenix R125.


Phoenix R125 is manufactured based on the platform of Genata Motor’s Genata RC125 series with typical design lines of sports cars. If you see a car gliding on the road, you can easily be convinced by the car’s appearance even if you closely observe some details that are not as sophisticated as those of models originating from countries that produce motorbikes. world leading: Honda, Yamaha, Ducati…

3. Honda CBR150R

>> Honda CBR150R: King of flyweight motorcycles

The CBR150R’s fast acceleration, unique design and superior performance are “unique products” that not all “flying class” cars can have. This model with the appearance of a super motorbike can make the hearts of “believers” flutter when looking at it and driving it…


Like its elder brother CBR250R, CBR150R and its younger brother CBR125R inherit many “skills” that Honda’s luxury sports motorcycles often possess. Just by looking at the appearance, regardless of whether you are a beginner or know “six words” about large displacement vehicles, you will be attracted to this sport city model. You can easily recognize this model as the best road-going sports car of 2010, the VFR12000F, which “inherited” the large headlight cluster in the middle, creating a dynamic, aggressive look often seen in some racing cars. .

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It can be said that if the CBR250R is a serious competitor to the Ninja 250R, then the CBR150R is a “love rival” that the Yamaha R15 can hardly compete with when competing. This sport city model has the knack of operating quite smoothly when rolling on urban streets. Just moved the station, the car accelerated quickly.


With a price of 120 million CBR150R is a very suitable car for those who are just “learning the basics” of motorbikes… The car is suitable for Vietnamese people thanks to its relatively low saddle height.

4. Honda AirBlade 125

>> Honda AirBlade 125 launched, Yamaha Nouvo “headache”

Compared to the old generation, the new AirBlade 125 has 3 major changes focusing on technology, engine, design and comfort. AirBlade 125 uses a PGM-FI engine, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled. The new engine is much more powerful than the engine parameters of the current Honda Air Blade. A representative of Honda Vietnam announced that the new engine also saves 23% more fuel than the previous generation.


Similar to PCX or SHi, AirBlade 125 is also equipped with the Idling Stop system, which helps save fuel effectively and is environmentally friendly thanks to the ability to automatically shut off the engine, and switch to standby mode if the vehicle stops for more than 3 minutes. second. The engine is restarted when the driver accelerates without pressing the start button.

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The comfort of the new AirBlade also has many outstanding improvements when using a headlight system with a projector lens (converging lens); 3D logo and new car stamp help make the car’s appearance more masculine and sporty; Finally, there is a sporty watch face with a large liquid crystal screen, with full information about fuel level, timer, distance and smart trip meter.


Possesses many advanced technologies but the selling price is 1 to 2 million VND more than its “eternal” rival Yamaha Nouvo. It seems that this new generation “blockbuster” car model is gradually regaining the upper hand over its competitors thanks to its possession of cutting-edge technology and especially creating a good impression on users with its fuel-saving properties. .

5. Suzuki Axelo 125

>> Close-up of every detail of Suzuki Axelo in Vietnam

Suzuki suddenly launched the Suzuki Axelo manual clutch model to compete directly with the Yamaha Exciter in the Vietnamese market.


Axelo is equipped with a 4-stroke, 1-cylinder, air-cooled gasoline engine, maximum power of 7.06 kW at 8,000 rpm, maximum torque of 9.9 Nm at 6,000 rpm , comes with a 4-speed gearbox.

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Telescopic front suspension system, cylindrical springs, hydraulic shock absorbers, while the rear shock absorbers are swingarm. Meanwhile, the braking system equipped for the manual clutch version is front and rear disc brakes, while the automatic clutch version has front disc brakes and rear drum brakes.


Suzuki Axelo has two versions. The automatic clutch version is priced at 23,990,000 VND, while the 2-disc manual clutch version will be sold for 25,990,000 VND (VAT included).

With this price, Axelo will definitely give Yamaha Exciter a “headache” because currently, the lowest version of Exciter also costs up to 37,000,000 VND.

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