3 options for manual motorbikes priced under 30 million VND

Under 30 million VND is an unbeatable price for a new 125cc sports manual motorcycle. However, in Vietnam, although not many, those who love manual transmission cars still have at least 3 choices.

1. Suzuki Axelo 125

Selling price: 25.99 million VND

At the end of 2012, Suzuki suddenly launched the Suzuki Axelo manual clutch model to compete directly with the Yamaha Exciter in the Vietnamese market. Many people think that the way for Suzuki to attract customers to them is to position Axelo in the low-cost segment. 26 million VND is a very reasonable price for people who love clutch cars but are quite financially tight.

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Axelo is equipped with a 4-stroke, 1-cylinder, air-cooled gasoline engine, maximum power of 7.06 kW at 8,000 rpm, maximum torque of 9.9 Nm at 6,000 rpm , comes with a 4-speed gearbox.

Telescopic front suspension system, cylindrical springs, hydraulic shock absorbers, while the rear shock absorbers are swingarm. Meanwhile, the braking system equipped for the manual clutch version is front and rear disc brakes, while the automatic clutch version has front disc brakes and rear drum brakes.

Suzuki Axelo 2-disc manual clutch version is sold for 25,990,000 VND (VAT included). With this price, Axelo will definitely give Yamaha Exciter a “headache” because currently, the lowest version of Exciter also costs up to 37,000,000 VND.

2. Mini CDR125

Selling price: 29.5 million VND

The low-cost motorcycle model Mini CDR125 was officially introduced to the Vietnamese market in 2011. And since then, this model has continuously had new versions. This is one of the few manual clutch motorcycle models with a cylinder capacity of 125cc but has a reasonable price of less than 30 million VND.

3 options for manual clutch motorbikes priced under 30 million VND Autodaily_CDR-125-16.jpgMini CDR125 has a cylinder capacity of 125cc but has a reasonable price of less than 30 million VND

Reasonable price, suitable for people with short stature, easy to control but very powerful. That’s what the CDR125 does.

The new Mini CDR125 has a length of 1,950mm, height of 1,020mm, ground clearance of 180mm and seat height of 660mm. The vehicle is equipped with a 4-stroke air-cooled engine with a cylinder capacity of 125cc with a maximum capacity of 8.5Kw/8000rp.

Mini CDR125 is imported and assembled in CKD form. The car is currently widely sold at the Motorrock chain of stores specializing in large displacement vehicles nationwide for 29,599,000 VND.

3. SYM Wolf 125

Selling price: 16 million VND

With a “soft” price of 16 million, traveling no less than the “locust” guys and quite fuel efficient, the Wolf 125 has created a very different image for the SYM brand from Taiwan.

Wolf 125 has been known and appeared in Vietnam since 2011. Perhaps it has been a long time since SYM was mentioned so much in such a low-cost popular car line since this car company’s Bonus model appeared in the 1990s. 90s of the last century.

On the outside, it is difficult to find elements that bring youthfulness and modernity to the Wolf 125. The car has a 1-cylinder, vertical engine, 124.6 cc capacity, 5 gears, making Air-cooled, capacity 7.5 kW (10 Hp)/8,500rpm, torque 9Nm/7,000rpm. Although it is a manual clutch vehicle, the gear shifting method is not traditional like the Yamaha Exciter or Suzuki FX, but is similar to an automatic clutch vehicle.

Not having to spend too much money (only about 16 million) while owning a masculine car, is a good thing for those who love popular manual clutch cars like the SYM Wolf 125. Currently, Those who own and intend to own a Wolf 125 are still a bit worried because SYM only produces a limited number of this model and there are not many replacement parts. Even on SYM’s sales website, this car model is not even in the product section.

However, with increasing consumer demand, and initially achieving success beyond expectations, it is hoped that SYM will soon have a strategy for this model to be widely sold in the Vietnamese motorbike market.

The Dat (TTTD)

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