Yamaha Nozza Grande: An exquisite choice for women

Launched in July last year, up to now, Nozza Grande is being highly appreciated by consumers because of its luxurious beauty and high efficiency when operating.

Yamaha Nozza Grande: An exquisite choice for women Yamaha Nozza Grande (5).jpgA very modern car for women.

Although the price is quite high compared to products in the same segment, consumers do not have to worry too much about this because for one reason, when you spend that amount of money, you will receive a real car. very perfect. The smooth, sophisticated design gives the car a very fashionable style specifically for women.


Based on the foundation of the previous Nozza version, the 125cc Scooter has been upgraded in exterior design. The most prominent highlight of Nozza Grande is the storage compartment under the seat, which is designed to be quite large, capable of holding 2 half-head helmets thanks to the expansion of the chassis. Next, energy-saving LED light technology is also equipped for the car. Details using LED lights such as navigation lights located on the front of the car, taillights with 8 bulbs arranged in a horizontal V shape.

Yamaha Nozza Grande: An exquisite choice for women Yamaha Nozza Grande (1).jpg

The headlights are designed with pentagonal reflectors, shaped like a five-sided diamond, adding charm. The Grande DX version has 2 color options: Metallic Purple Blue and Metallic Gray Black. The design of the watch face looks quite modern with 2 stylized circles. Speed ​​measurements are arranged vertically to help the operator easily observe. Impressively designed watch face with LED-illuminated speedometer. Modern LCD digital screen displays all parameters such as time, distance, fuel economy.

Yamaha Nozza Grande: An exquisite choice for women Yamaha Nozza Grande (11).jpgYamaha Nozza Grande is a car with a sophisticated and fashionable design.

Some other outstanding details include very secure locks with anti-theft lids and a series of integrated features. Open the fuel tank cap by pressing the button above to the right of the lock, open the compartment under the seat by pressing the button below.

Nozza Grande is made of a fairly sturdy steel tube chassis. The vehicle uses tubeless dry tires and has dimensions of 110/70 – 12 for both wheels. The front shock absorber is a shock absorber, the rear shock absorber is an oil damper and spring. Safety equipment for the front wheels is in the form of hydraulic discs and the rear brakes are traditional.

Grande has a total length of 1,820 mm, width 685 mm, and trailer 1,145 mm. One of the minus points of the car is that the seat design is too high at 790 mm, even though this is a model mainly for women only. The vehicle weighs about 99 kg.


Yamaha Nozza Grande is the most fuel-efficient scooter model that Yamaha produces. The introduction of advanced Blue Core technology into the Grande shows that Yamaha has high expectations for this 125cc Scooter. The car has a capacity of about 8.2 horsepower at 6,500 rpm, maximum torque of 9.7 Nm. Grande has a fuel tank that is neither too large nor too small, at 4.4L.

Yamaha Nozza Grande: An exquisite choice for women Yamaha Nozza Grande (30).jpgThe all-new Blue Core engine is applied to the Grande.


With a new engine, Nozza Grande gives you a completely different experience of a luxurious yet powerful scooter. Just move the throttle slightly and the car will start to glide smoothly. Releasing the throttle is also very easy, without any jerky feeling.

Yamaha Nozza Grande: An exquisite choice for women Yamaha Nozza Grande (13).jpgNozza Grande is a scooter that operates very smoothly but also becomes powerful if necessary.


With a price of 41.99 million VND, the Yamaha Nozza Grande seems quite out of place because if it competes with mid-range scooters, it is too high and if compared with high-end scooters, the difference is too high. . However, in all aspects, Grande is the ideal car for women in the mid-range scooter segment thanks to its modern, comfortable design, efficient operation and fuel economy. Whether.

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