Yamaha NM-X review: Scooter for real men

Masculine design with a very comfortable sitting position, powerful 155.1cc engine, and safe integrated ABS braking system are three of the strong points of the Yamaha NM-X.

Officially present in Vietnam from September 18, Yamaha NM-X is imported in complete units from the Indonesian market and distributed officially with a selling price of 80 million VND. Although it appears for the first time in Vietnam, many consumers feel familiar because the overall design of NM-X looks quite similar to its compatriot model PCX 125 being distributed by Honda in Vietnam. Male.

Yamaha NM-X review: Scooter for real men Yamaha NM-X (13).jpgThe all-new Yamaha NM-X has a design quite similar to the Honda PCX 125 model being officially distributed in Vietnam.


If anyone is at all interested in the scooter market in Europe, it will certainly be easy to realize that the NM-X has many similarities with other famous Yamaha models, the X-MAX and T- MAX. The car has an elegant and luxurious design style but does not lose the strong sportiness that is characteristic of the Japanese car company.

Yamaha NM-X review: Scooter for real men Yamaha NM-X (5).jpgNM-X is designed to follow the boomerang pattern.

It seems that with the orientation of creating a model for men, the details on the NM-X were designed by Yamaha engineers to be large and angular. The front of the car is large, gently stroked, combined with the front mask with a straight downward bevel. The 3-bulb LED headlight cluster combines twin headlights – the symbol of the Yamaha MAX line and a middle headlight. The 2 turn signals are made quite large and separate from the headlight cluster.

In the body of the car, NM-X is designed to follow the boomerang motif. The rear of the car is connected to the front body, creating a seamless whole. However, the NM-X’s taillights are made large, covering the entire tail, creating a feeling of a bit of disappointment in the back. The footrest of the NM-X is highly appreciated, with a diagonal design, suitable for the driver to rest his whole foot on.

The NM-X 150 frame structure is made from steel pipes arranged in a triangular structure with light steel pieces, the overall weight of the NM-X is 127kg. The vehicle is equipped with tubeless tires of moderate size 110/70-13 for the front wheels, 130/70-13 for the rear wheels, the exhaust pipe is designed quite large with internal soundproofing layers to avoid causing noise when driving. operate.

Yamaha NM-X review: Scooter for real men Yamaha NM-X (7).jpgNM-X has dimensions of 1,955mm long, 740mm wide, 1,115mm high, and a moderate seat height of 765mm.

NM – from 1.6m or more. The double spring shock absorber system at the rear and retractable travel at the front provide a smooth driving experience.

The watch face on the NM-X is prominently designed to fit in a small circle that minimizes light reflection, making it easy for the operator to see the watch day and night. Looking here, the driver can know basic parameters such as electronic display speed, average fuel consumption per 100km distance, and remaining fuel capacity. There is also an hour display, an ABS brake activity indicator light and another pretty cool function: a trip meter.

Yamaha NM-X review: Scooter for real men Yamaha NM-X (32).jpg

The button system above the two steering wheels is relatively simple. The right hand has only one button to start the car, the left hand has a horn button, a turn signal button, and a headlight mode switch button. As a completely imported vehicle, the Yamaha NM-X does not have a function button to turn off the headlights during daytime driving.

The fuel tank is placed in the middle of the vehicle’s body, making it easier to pump fuel as well as creating balance for the vehicle. The storage compartment under the seat can fit 2 half-head helmets or 1 full-face helmet. On the left side of the lock there is also a convenient small storage compartment.

Safety equipment

The highlight that makes the NM-X different from most other scooter models in Vietnam today is the ABS anti-lock braking system integrated on both the front and rear wheels. With this system, the driver can better handle situations that require emergency braking, even on dry or slippery road conditions, without the phenomenon of “tail wagging” or vehicle deflection.

Yamaha NM-X review: Scooter for real men Yamaha NM-X (25).jpgThe braking system on the NM-X is integrated with ABS technology.


Yamaha NM-X is one of the most powerful scooter models officially distributed in Vietnam today. The car has a BlueCore engine with a cylinder capacity of 155.1cc, SOHC, single cylinder, capacity of 14.8 horsepower, torque of 14.4 Nm. The car is equipped with VVA (Variable Valve Actuation) active fueling mechanism technology, which is only available on cars, helping to save fuel and possess sporty performance.

Yamaha NM-X review: Scooter for real men Yamaha NM-X (24).jpgThe car has a very powerful 155.1cc BlueCore engine.


Easy to control, comfortable and spacious seating feeling is the first feeling when driving Yamaha’s new gay scooter model. We were really impressed with the car’s ability to accelerate and grip corners because of its balance and solidity in these situations. The power of 155 cc transmits motion through the automatic V-belt, helping the car accelerate quite quickly when pulling the throttle. However, when reducing the throttle and pulling it back up, the engine sound is quite loud, sometimes causing discomfort for the driver on long journeys.

Yamaha NM-X review: Scooter for real men Yamaha NM-X (42).jpg

Despite its massive and long design, the NM-X proves to be quite flexible in sharp turns or roads that require zigzag and skillful travel. In addition, we also did some small tests to evaluate the performance of the disc brake system equipped with ABS.

With the allowed speed in the inner city of 40km/h, when braking suddenly or suddenly, the ABS system works quite well. The car quickly stopped within a distance of about 3 – 4 meters after applying the brakes. At speeds higher than about 50km/h, the system still works well, at this time the braking distance to help the car stop will increase slightly to about 5m.

Yamaha NM-X review: Scooter for real men Yamaha NM-X (48).jpgHaving a rather large, one-piece design, the NM-X proves to be quite flexible in cornering situations.

However, there is one thing to note: this system only works stably when you squeeze both the front and rear brakes. If you only use one of them, there will be quite a strong jerk and the car will still continue. Continue moving further before stopping completely.


If Yamaha’s Nozza Grande is mainly aimed at female customers, it seems that with the NM-X, this will definitely be a model mainly for “men”. However, in our opinion, as a new car model, in terms of design, NM-X does not have many breakthroughs compared to its direct competitor, PXC. In terms of price, with 80 million VND, NM-X will encounter an extremely annoying opponent and can also be said to be the king of high-end scooters in Vietnam – Honda Sh150i.

Yamaha NM-X review: Scooter for real men Yamaha NM-X (2).jpgDespite facing many difficulties, Yamaha still has the right to hope that NM-X will soon reap success in the near future.

These will really be the initial difficulties that Yamaha will encounter in its market share battle with the first high-end scooter line brought in. As for Vietnamese consumers, the fact that Yamaha is increasingly bringing more new and strange models to genuine distribution will help the motorbike market become more and more diverse, and the choice will also become richer. rich. And who knows, with its newness, NM-X will create a fever in the motorbike market in the near future like some other Yamaha names have done.

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