Yamaha Acruzo 125cc and highlights

Acuzo 125cc is truly a remarkable product of Yamaha, possessing many valuable features such as a large trunk, smart locks, economical engine, etc.

1. Large trunk

Yamaha Acruzo 125cc and Acuzo highlights (4).jpgThe trunk of the Yamaha Acruzo has a capacity of up to 37 liters.

It can be said that the large trunk is the first highlight when people mention the Yamaha Acuzo 125cc with a capacity of up to 37 liters. This number is similar to the Honda LEAD, which can fit 3 half-head helmets along with some “space-consuming” accessories such as bags, raincoats,…

2. Multi-function lock

Yamaha Acruzo 125cc and Acuzo highlights (7).jpg Yamaha Acruzo 125cc and Acuzo highlights (11).JPGMulti-function lock and smart vehicle positioning via a button on the key.

Continues to be a feature to increase convenience for users. The Yamaha Acruzo 125cc lock is integrated with an electric lock, neck lock, fuel tank lid opening, trunk opening, anti-theft lid and LED lights to help users easily insert the key in low light conditions. In addition, Acruzo is also equipped with a smart vehicle positioning function via a button on the key.

3. Light weight

Aimed at female customers, the Yamaha Acruzo 125cc has a total weight of only 99 kg thanks to a newly designed frame. With this figure, Acruzo’s “weight” is only equal to Yamaha Sirius and 14kg lighter than its rival Honda LEAD.

4. Economical motive

Although it is not highly rated for its power and torque, the Yamaha Acruzo attracts many people’s attention by using a Blue Core engine. There is no official assessment of Acruzo’s fuel consumption, but a Yamaha scooter model, Grande, using Blue Core only consumed 1.4l/100km during the Blue Core Touring trip in May 2015. .

Yamaha Acruzo 125cc and Acuzo highlights (3).jpgBlue Core engine provides remarkable fuel economy.

Yamaha said that to achieve such savings, engineers have enhanced the combustion efficiency of the fuel mixture. The redesign of the intake port and combustion chamber on the Blue Core engine allows for less time wasted in the combustion process, contributing to an engine with low rpm and high torque.

Launched on October 5, Yamaha Acruzo is the next strategic step after the two names YZF-R3 and NM-X. Acruzo has overall dimensions of 1,805 x 685 x 1,145 mm (Length x Width x Height), seat height 785 mm and ground clearance 125mm.

Yamaha Acruzo 125cc and Acuzo highlights (1).jpg

In Vietnam, Yamaha will distribute 2 versions: Standard (standard) and Deluxe (high-end) with 7 different options. The specific selling price is 34.99 million VND for the Standard version and 36.49 million VND for the Deluxe version.

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