VMRC 2019 stage 5 is about to take place: The year-end firestorm

On December 29, stage 5 of the 2019 VMRC season will officially take place at 2K racetrack, Binh Duong. This is the penultimate race of the 2019 VMRC season and is decisive to the championship of the entire season, so just a small mistake can cost the drivers the entire championship.

The VMRC 2019 season is gradually coming to the final stages, the race to the championship is extremely tense. In the past 4 races of the season, the riders gave the audience top-notch competitions, contributing to affirming the position of the largest professional motor racing tournament in Vietnam at present. With only 2 more races left until the 2019 VMRC season will end, the scenario in the next stage 5 is expected to be extremely unpredictable because this will almost be the last chance for the riders to raise hope of winning the championship. .

Stage 5 will take place with the competition of 45 riders (some riders are absent from this stage) in 4 categories: Blade 110 (11 athletes), MSX 125 (12 athletes), Winner 150 (12 athletes) and UB 130 (10 athletes from 8 clubs).

VMRC 2019 stage 5 is about to take place: The firestorm closes the year-end hang-muc-blade-110-1.JPG

In the Blade 110 category, racer Nguyen Duc Thanh is ranked top of the rankings with 64 points after 4 absolute victories. Previously, in early December 2019, Thanh also completed stage 7 of the ARRC 2019 tournament under the Honda Racing Vietnam shirt in the UB150 category. Ranked 2nd after Thanh is athlete Vu Hoang Nam with 43 points and athlete Nguyen Manh Phat ranked 3rd with 40 points. Just winning the first place in stage 5 here will mean Nguyen Duc Thanh will become the champion of the season in the Blade 110 category, while the chances for Hoang Nam and Manh Phat to win the championship are extremely slim. The race needs to finish first in both remaining races and must expect Duc Thanh to finish outside the top 12 in both races.

VMRC 2019 stage 5 is about to take place: The firestorm closes the year-end hang-muc-msx-125.JPG

Meanwhile, the situation in the MSX 125 category is extremely tense, the top players are extremely close to each other in terms of scores. After finishing first in stage 4, racer Nguyen Hoang Dang Khoa is leading the rankings with 48 points, pushing racer Nguyen Ngoc Nhan to 2nd place with 46 points. In 3rd place is racer Tran Minh Luan with 41 points, and is ranked in 4th place with racer Le Vu Truong Giang and Pham Thanh Bao. With the current score gap, it is easy to understand that when stage 5 is coming, the MSX 125 category will continue to be the “eye of the storm”.

VMRC 2019 stage 5 is about to take place: The firestorm closes the year-end hang-muc-winner-150.JPG

In the highest format, Winner 150, two riders Le Hung Huu Tin and Nguyen Anh Tuan are dominating the category with 58 points. Followed by racer Nguyen Tien Thanh with only 29 points. With the current gap of 29 points, the championship is certainly only a “two horse” race between Huu Tin and Anh Tuan. Currently, Nguyen Anh Tuan has an advantage because he has just joined the Honda Racing Vietnam team competing in stage 7, ARRC 2019. This stage has helped Anh Tuan learn a lot and is the perfect run-up for stage 5. VMRC arrives.

VMRC 2019 stage 5 is about to take place: The firestorm closes the end of the year hang-muc-ub130.jpg

Finally, the UB130 category with the participation of Wave clubs, after stage 4, two riders Le Phung and Le Trong Vinh are leading the rankings with 47 points. Followed by racer Bui Duy Thong with 42 points. With 41 points, racer Doan Truong Loi is ranked 4th. With the current gap, the next stage 5 will continue to be a real “fire storm” with the UB130 category. Especially in the upcoming 5th stage, the UB130 category will welcome the return of “Loc Binh” Le Khanh Loc after 6 months of injury. So since the femur fracture injury at ARRC 2019 stage 3, VMRC 2019 stage 5 is a milestone for Le Khanh Loc to return to the black plastic carpet, can he still show his dominance like the first 2 stages of the race? VMRC 2019?.

The weather forecast in Binh Duong on December 29 will be beautiful sunshine, the highest temperature is only about 32 degrees, the average wind is about 7km/h, the weather is extremely ideal not only for racers but also for the spectators who will be present at the 2K racetrack next Sunday.

Audiences can also watch the upcoming race live on Honda Vietnam’s channel system at:

Official fanpage of HVN: https://www.facebook.com/HondaVietnam/

Official fanpage of Honda Racing Vietnam: https://www.facebook.com/Vietnam-Motor-Racing-813850712144385/

– HVN’s official Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/HondaVietnamofficial

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