Surprised with Suzuki Viva’s consumption of 116km/l

Through a journey of more than 50km in the city, the contest organized by Suzuki Vietnam last weekend recorded the achievement of 116km/1l of the Viva car model to the surprise of the participants as well as the press.

After more than 2 years on the Vietnamese market, the Suzuki Viva 115Fi model has left many good impressions on customers because of its incredible fuel economy. Evidence of that, recently, Suzuki organized the contest “Super fuel economy with Suzuki Viva 115Fi” to verify and evaluate fuel consumption through the Suzuki Viva 115Fi cars that members are using. use.

Surprised by Suzuki Viva's consumption of 116km/l Suzuki_Viva_Contest (8).jpgThe Suzuki Viva 115Fi cars are all the cars the contestants are using

With the participation of 14 contestants, the contest was held right in Hanoi with the route Hoang Quoc Viet – Pham Hung – Me Tri – Thang Long Avenue – return, estimated to be a total distance of 50km. To ensure fairness, each participating vehicle was placed vertically on a flat surface, the fuel tank was filled and then sealed in front of everyone’s eyes.

Before starting the contest, Mr. Pham Duc Du – the oldest contestant shared: “The reason I participated in this program is to check the reality with many people. Advertising is one thing, but when I go, I see it.” get reality. This new Viva has only been used for 2 months, but before that, I had been riding a Suzuki Viva since 1998. At that time, I bought the Viva for more than 2,000 USD and it is still in good use now.

Surprised by Suzuki Viva's consumption of 116km/l Suzuki_Viva_Contest (7).jpgUncle Pham Duc Du was excited about the competition

After 2 hours of challenging in the rain, the best achievement belonged to contestant Nguyen Tien Hiep when he finished the distance of 51.4km with 441ml of gasoline equivalent to 116km/1l. Along with the first prize are 2 second and third prizes with results of 106.87km/1l and 105.94km/1liter respectively.

When asked about the secret to economical driving, the contestant who won the first prize shared that he always kept the car at a speed of about 35km/h. Whenever he encountered an obstacle, he always proactively slowed down from afar, avoided braking and never have the habit of “cutting the taper”.

Surprised with Suzuki Viva's consumption of 116km/l Suzuki_Viva_Contest (4).jpgThe three contestants won first, second and third prizes from right to left respectively

In general, almost all contestants commented that the Suzuki Viva 115Fi is a motorbike with incredible economical capabilities. Even traveling in less than ideal conditions such as traffic jams, red lights and many obstacles, the Viva 115Fi only “consumes gas” at 75-80km/1l.

Nguyen Le Khanh Duy – the contestant with second place results also said that he used the Suzuki Viva 115Fi to “travel” to Moc Chau and Thanh Hoa and found that the saddle is designed to sit for a long time without causing back strain. The plastic vibrates less when going fast and up to now, he has no regrets about choosing this car.

The Anh (TTTD)

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