Quick review of Kengo R250: More options for new hands

Possessing a 255cc engine, the appearance of a typical small sport-bike but the selling price is only 62 million VND, the Kengo R250 is creating mixed debates. Join us to quickly experience this cheap motorbike.

Appearing for the first time at the end of June, the R250 is the “youngest” model in the Kengo “family” including two other names: R350 and Classic 400. Although still unfamiliar to customers, the Kengo R250 has received a lot of recognition. received special attention and created conflicting debates because of the low price of 62 million VND.

1. Appearance

Taking a brief look at the appearance, the Kengo R250 has the design of a typical small sport-bike and possesses many cut-out details. The front of the car is the most “eye-catching” point with headlights in the famous “falcon beak” style of the Suzuki GSX-Series, using spherical mirrors and halogen lights. On both sides of the fairing is a stylized L-shaped light cluster that includes turn signals and positioning LEDs (works when the headlights are turned on).

Quick review of Kengo R250: More options for new hands Kengo_R250 (18).jpgKengo R250 has the design of a typical small sport-bike.

The steering wheel cluster has all the basic functions, including electric switch, start button, headlight on/off, seal, turn signals, high/beam and warning light (Passing). The clock combines LCD and Analog format and comes with 2 buttons (mode/reset). Along with that are LED 4-pointed star-shaped taillights, split saddle, 5-spoke wheels and many faux carbon details.

Kengo R250 has overall dimensions of 2,030 x 720 x 1,120 mm (Length x Width x Height), wheelbase 1,348 mm, weight 143kg and fuel tank capacity of 16 liters. The front wheel uses an up-side-down fork, 2-piston single disc brake, tire size 110/70-17. Rear wheel with monoshock suspension, single disc brake and tire size 140/70-17.

2. Engine

Quick review of Kengo R250: More options for new hands Kengo_R250 (9).jpg

Powering the small sport-bike Kengo R250 is a single-cylinder engine, 255cc capacity, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, producing a maximum capacity of 22.4 horsepower at 8,000 rpm. and maximum torque of 17Nm at 6,000 rpm.

3. Evaluation

Stepping into the car, the first thing you can feel is that the seating position relative to the steering wheel is comfortable, not causing difficulty in controlling. The steering wheel is a bit long, the clock is easy to see but the processing quality is moderate. Another point on the Kengo R250 that I really want to mention is that the saddle is smooth and not too high, suitable for people with a height of 1m65.

Quick review of Kengo R250: More options for new hands Kengo_R250 (21).jpgKengo R250 has a comfortable seating position relative to the steering wheel.

Starting to move slowly, the car glides according to the release of the clutch, not easily jerked nor easily jumping up from the start. The Kengo R250 has a good, powerful exhaust sound when compared to the “original” exhaust on other models in the same segment. However, the clutch release is quite far, making it difficult for those who are not familiar with manual clutch vehicles.

255cc engine, but weight of only 143 kg makes driving in the city quite flexible compared to large displacement vehicles. In gear 1, the car is a bit rough, this situation only reduces clearly when moving to gear 3 or higher. Try twisting the throttle hard to a speed of 70 km/h, the driver can still maintain control, the plastic parts do not vibrate or make noise, the tires grip the road well with no slipping phenomenon. However, the braking force is not really good when encountering situations where emergency braking is needed.

4. Conclusion

With its cheap price and easier A2 test, the Kengo R250 deserves to be a “strange item” for those who are planning to “step into” the hobby of manual transmission vehicles. Because, with a selling price of 62 million VND, Vietnamese users will have more choices than before when there were only two main names: Honda MSX or Yamaha Exciter.

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Kengo R250 technical specifications:

  • Weight: 143 kg
  • Length x WIDTH X HEIGHT: 2,030 x 720 x 1,120 mm
  • Wheel axle distance: 1,348 mm
  • Petrol tank capacity: 16 liters
  • Tire size front/rear: Front: 110/70-17 After: 140/70-17
  • Engine Type: 4 stroke, single cylinder
  • Cylinder capacity: 255 cc
  • Maximum capacity: 22.4 horsepower at 8,000 rpm
  • Maximum torque: 17Nm at 6,000 rpm
  • Gear: 6 gear levels
  • Boot system: Electricity
  • Price: 62,000,000 VND at Bikers World

The Anh (TTTD)

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