Marc Marquez won MotoGP for the 6th time

The Spanish rider of the Repsol Honda Team won the 2019 MotoGP championship four races early after defeating Fabio Quartararo in a breathtakingly dramatic battle at the Thailand Grand Prix.

On the racetrack in Thailand on Sunday (October 6), Marc Marquez won his 8th race of this season. The 26-year-old rider of the Repsol Honda Team has thus achieved 325 points after 15 races, 110 points more than the second-place rider, Andrea Dovizioso of the Ducatti team, when the season only has four races left to end.

Marc Marquez wins MotoGP for the 6th time marquez-pool-exlarge-169.jpg

Before stage 15 of MotoGP 2019 took place, Marc Marquez had 300 points, 98 points more than Dovizioso. With the above gap, Marc Marquez only needs to win the Thailand leg or rank more than 2 points above Dovizioso to officially be crowned champion of the 2019 season 4 matches early.

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The victory at the Thailand Grand Prix marked the 130th time Marc Marquez stood on the Podium podium in his racing career, the 91st time at MotoGP and the 53rd Grand Prix victory. With his 6th MotoGP championship, Marc Marquez is now is ranked 3rd behind legendary Giacomo Agostini (8 times MotoGP champion) and Valentino Rossi (7 times). However, many people believe that the young Spanish racer has a high chance of defeating the two legends above thanks to his impressive performance and racing skills.

Marc Marquez wins MotoGP for the 6th time motogp-thailand-gp-2019-marc-m-2.jpg

Marc Marquez wins MotoGP for the 6th time motogp-thailand-gp-2019-fabio-2.jpg

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“It’s great to win the 2019 MotoGP championship. I never thought I would win the championship even in the last race. Every year competing in MotoGP is special for me. Maintaining this championship title was not easy with the injuries I had, but the whole team did very well. And now we will enjoy this feeling of victory,” Marquez replied to reporters after an emotional race in Thailand.

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Results of stage 15 of MotoGP 2019 in Thailand.

Andrea Dovizioso continues to be Marquez’s main competitor in the 2019 season. However, at the Thailand leg, the Italian racer had a not really outstanding performance as he did not win the pole, only the starting position. 7th and finished 4th. Meanwhile, Marc Marquez continuously had accidents on both test and qualifying days. However, Marc Marquez still managed to make his mark and get himself the 3rd starting position on the main race day and finished first with a record of 39 minutes 36 seconds 223 after 26 laps.

Marc Marquez wins MotoGP for the 6th time motogp-thailand-gp-2019-fabio-2-1.jpg

Young rider Fabio Quartararo of the Yamaha team finished second with a performance of only 0.171 seconds behind the champion and is ranked 7th in the final rankings after 15 races with 143 points.

Marc Marquez wins MotoGP for the 6th time motogp2.png

Rankings after 15 races of MotoGP 2019

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