Honda continues to promote sports car racing activities in the 2020 season

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has announced its motorsport activities for the 2020 season and initiatives to expand motorsport activities.

Accordingly, in 2020, Honda will continue to compete in the world’s leading motorbike and car racing events, including plans to compete in many different tournaments around the world. All personnel participating in Honda motorsport activities, including athletes, engineers, mechanics as well as other team members, will work as “Team Honda” and compete with all efforts.

During the 2019 season, Honda won the FIM*1 Grand Prix World Championship, the FIM Motocross World Championship and the FIM Trial World Championship.

In the 2020 season, Honda will compete with manufacturer teams that are members of Honda Racing Corporation (HRC) and attempt to win the championship for the second consecutive year in all three types of competition – road race, motocross and trial. trial. Furthermore, similar to last season, the HRC manufacturer racing team is now participating in the Dakar Rally, which will move the race from South America to Saudi Arabia this year.

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In the MotoGP category of the FIM Grand Prix World Championship, rider Marc Márquez, a 6-time world champion and won the championship for the 4th consecutive year in 2019, will welcome his younger brother – Racing champion Alex Márquez, defending champion of the Moto2 category in the 2019 season, competes for the Reosol Honda Team. With new competition personnel, Honda will strive to continue to win the “Triple Crown” title at the MotoGP tournament for the fourth consecutive year.

At the FIM Superbike World Championship, Honda will compete with the new HRC manufacturer racing team named HRC racing team, with two riders, Alvaro Bautista and Leon Haslam, the racing car is developed on the all-new model CBR1000RR. -R FIREBLADE SP.

At the Japanese championship MFJ All – Japan Championship, Honda will compete in the highest classes including Road Race Championship (JRR), Motocross Championship (JMX) and Trial Championship (JTR). Honda will try to continue to win the championship at Motocross and Trial as well as regain the Road Race championship title, thereby winning the MFJ All-Japan Championship in all 3 categories for the first time since 2017.

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Furthermore, Honda will continue to develop young riders. In motor racing, combined with Honda’s racing activities in Asia where motor racing is gaining interest and growing rapidly, Honda is trying to join hands with young riders in This area fulfills the dream of competing in the MotoGP format. In the 2020 season, Honda will continue to support the Honda Team Asia racing team competing in the Moto2 and Moto3 categories, part of the MotoGP tournament. Furthermore, to support young riders in raising their level of competition, Honda will continue to support riders competing at the FIM CEV Repsol Moto3 Junior World Championship. In addition, Honda will continue to use the IDEMITSU Asia Talent Cup (IATC) tournament to motivate young riders to discover their potential and raise the level of many other riders to compete in world-class racing events.

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In the off-road racing format, Honda will continue to organize training sessions in Japan for team riders competing at the MFJ All-Japan Motocross Championship. In addition, Honda will also continue training programs for young potential riders to participate in training camps around the world and compete in MXGP races.

In the FIA ​​Formula 1 World Championship*2 Formula One World Championship (F1), Honda plays the role of engine supplier (PU) and won three times in the 2019 season. In the 2020 season, Honda will strive to win more victories as it continues to win. continues to supply engines with the same specifications to the Scuderia AlphaTauri racing team*3 and the Red Bull Racing team.

In addition, Honda will continue to support young Japanese drivers competing in the FIA ​​Formula 2 World Championship Folumla 2 Championship (F2) and the French F4 Championship French F4 Championship organized by FFSA.*4 operating.

In Japan, Honda will try to regain the championship in the most prestigious races by using the all-new NSX-GT in the GT500 competition category, SUPER GT series, which will apply the new technical regulations in the 2020 season. At the same time, Honda also changed the structure of teams competing in the Japanese SUPER FORMULA Championship.

Honda continues to promote sports car racing activities in the 2020 season honda-civic-type-r-tc-7.jpg

For customer races, in racing categories using vehicles developed on popular versions on the market, Honda will raise the challenge by not only providing engines but also increasing support. Support teams so each team can compete more competitively.

Honda will offer the CIVIC Type R racing car and CIVIC TCR, in the FIA ​​World Touring Car Cup (WTCR), which started in 2018, and the TCR endurance racing series, which is a popular worldwide. In addition, Honda will supply the NSX GT3 Evo at the Intercontinental GT Challenge (IGTC) – a tournament held on five continents as well as GT championships and other endurance racing events held. positions in North America, Asia and Europe.

In North America, through Honda Performance Development (HPD), Honda will supply engines to five teams with a total of 13 cars that will compete in the IndyCar Series.

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