Fuel economy – A remarkable advantage when traveling on the Yamaha Grande

Experiencing 1,258km in the Southwest region, Yamaha Grande surprised participants and followers of the Blue Core Touring journey when it achieved a fuel consumption of 1.4l/100km.

The Southwest is the first route in the Yamaha Blue Core Touring 2015 series, starting on May 8, passing through Cao Lanh, Ha Tien, Ca Mau, Soc Trang, Can Tho and ending in Ho Chi Minh City a week later. on May 15.

This is not only an opportunity for participating backpackers to admire and enjoy the beauty and culture of the western river region; but also where they can experience 3 of Yamaha’s newest models: Grande, Nouvo 6 and Exciter 150. The journey also has interesting competitions and activities such as the Rev-High high-five contest and beautiful photo contest. , fuel economy competition and meaningful charity activities.

Fuel economy - A remarkable advantage when traveling

Talking about Yamaha’s three new models when traveling. When driving long distances, the Yamaha Exciter 150 immediately demonstrates its superiority thanks to its engine with larger cylinder capacity and manual bevel gearbox structure. Meanwhile, the new generation Nouvo with many improvements is not inferior in terms of speed and handling.

Yamaha Grande was considered somewhat weak at the beginning of the journey because it was originally considered a scooter model for women to travel in urban areas. However, with the new generation Blue Core engine, Grande soon proves that it not only has performance that is not inferior to the other two models on long distances, but also has a superior advantage in terms of fuel consumption. Whether.

Under normal road conditions in Vietnam, the Japanese manufacturer announced that Grande has a gasoline consumption of about 1.85l/100km. However, when tested on a long distance through the Southwest, this number was 1.4l/100km – a number that “seems real but seems like a joke”. What’s more worth mentioning is that during the distance of more than 1,200km, most of the time this car had to transport two people, along with many other photography props for the backpackers. But the car’s fuel economy is still not much affected.

The Yamaha Grande has completed 952km of journey (As of the 6th day of the journey)

The measured average fuel consumption is 1.4l/100km

The figure of 1.4 liters/100km is proof that Grande is a scooter with excellent fuel economy, especially when traveling long distances. This is a great advantage for not only saving costs but also helping people in the car not have to worry about traveling to areas with few gas stations. Besides, Grande also shows that she is not inferior in her ability to operate durably and strongly when she has enough “load” and speed to keep up with her two companions Nouvo and Exciter 150.

Thanks to the new Blue Core technology, Yamaha Grande has shattered all initial thoughts that this model is not suitable for backpacking roads. Immediately after the Southwest, Grande will continue to be “tested” through the Central Highlands, South Central, North Central and Northwest stages. Let’s see how Blue Core will present itself in the much more difficult terrain ahead.

Duc Hai (TTTD)

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