Final stage of ARRC 2019: Burning passion, searching for ego

On November 29 – December 1, the final stage of the 2019 ARRC season will take place at Chang International Circuit, Thailand. The only representative from Vietnam: Honda Racing Vietnam is ready to “burn out” for this race that is considered its “home ground” to find its own ego.

The final leg of the 2019 ARRC season holds a lot of meaning for the only representative of Vietnam. Firstly, this match marks the first season that Honda Racing Vietnam operates completely independently. Second, this race takes place at Chang International racetrack, this is the racetrack that marks Honda Vietnam’s first steps in the field of international racing. Third, this is the last race of the 2019 ARRC season, which also means that this is the last opportunity for the riders and the entire Honda Racing Vietnam team to improve their results.

Final stage of ARRC 2019: Burning passion, searching for ego vdv-nguyen-anh-tuan.JPG

Although it is the first time offering the prize, with what the racer has shown in the country as well as in practice, the whole team hopes for a positive result from Tuan.

Honda entered the final stage with the biggest source of spiritual encouragement coming from the sublimation of “Crazy Guy” Cao Vietnam. In the last stage 6 at Sepang, he won 12 points, bringing the total score to 44 and rising to the top. Ranked 14/40 in the AP250 category, this achievement also helped the Honda Racing Vietnam team gain position 7/20 teams participating in this category.

At the final stage, the UB150 category, the pair “Song Thanh” Nguyen Vu Thanh and Nguyen Duc Thanh will no longer be together, replacing athlete Nguyen Vu Thanh at this stage is athlete Nguyen Anh Tuan. Known as the champion of the VMRC 2018 season and leading the VMRC 2019 rankings after 4 matches in the Winner 150 category, with a calm and wise playing style, along with an advantage in competing above. Winner 150, so it is expected that it will be easier for him to get acquainted with the UB150 category.

Final stage of ARRC 2019: Burning passion, searching for ego vdv-nguyen-duc-thanh-se-tiep-tuc-no-luc-de-gianh-ket-qua-tot-nhat.JPG

Athlete Nguyen Duc Thanh will continue his efforts at the final leg of the ARRC 2019 season

At the most recent race in Malaysia, the UB150 category took place in a very unlucky way for the Vietnamese representative when technical problems continuously appeared, causing no racer to complete the race completely. Therefore, this last leg makes many spectators feel worried. It would be extremely unfortunate if the team had to leave Buriram the way they left Sepang recently in the UB150 category.

Nguyen Vu Thanh is currently the racer who brings the only points for the team in the UB150 category, however he is having problems with his competitive mentality and fluctuating performance. Meanwhile, Honda Racing Vietnam is in need of more positive changes for the final stage, a change is necessary, so allowing Nguyen Vu Thanh to take a break from the final stage is a reasonable tactical decision.

In the upcoming stage 7, two riders Nguyen Duc Thanh and Nguyen Anh Tuan will have to try very hard to bring prosperity to Honda Racing Vietnam in the UB150 category.

Final stage of ARRC 2019: Ignite passion, search for ego vdv-cao-viet-nam-tiep-tuc-la-tay-dua-only-nhat-cua-doi-thi-dau-tai-hang-muc- ap250-voi-ky-vong-tiep-tuc-bring-return-butter-diem-so-cho-doi.jpg

Athlete Cao Vietnam continues to be the only racer of the team competing in the AP250 category with the expectation of continuing to bring points to the team.

In the AP250 category, “Crazy Guy” will continue to strive to gain points for the team. In the past 6 competitions, Cao Vietnam has always shown a fierce competitive spirit and outstanding technical progress. If he had not unfortunately stopped competing in the 4th stage in Japan, it would have been very difficult. It is possible that he is already in a position in the top 10. Currently, “Crazy Guy” is 8 and 17 points behind the two positions above, and 39 points behind the top 10, so his goal is 12th place. of the 2019 ARRC season will be the most possible for this racer.

In addition, within the framework of this final stage, Cao Vietnam also participated in the Thailand Talent Cup (TTC), a tournament in which he stepped on the podium three times. The whole team is hoping that the Vietnamese flag will once again return. flying on the podium in this final stage. However, the dense competition also causes many concerns for Cao Vietnam and the entire team. If not calculated accurately and distributes strength reasonably, the risk of “burning the rice and getting burned by nothing” is completely present.

Final stage of ARRC 2019: Burning passion, searching for ego vdv-cao-viet-nam-cung-ktv-va-ong-koji-ito-pho-tong-giam-doc-cong-ty-hvn-ben- old-school-life-dua.jpg

Vietnamese Cao athlete with KTV and Mr. Koji Ito – deputy general director of HVN company (left) before race time

To prepare for this final stage, Honda Racing Vietnam organized training for riders in Sentul, Indonesia along with days of hard practice at Dai Nam racetrack. The riders are in the best condition and ready for top competition.

Chang International Circuit is very familiar to Honda Racing Vietnam racers and speed fans around the world. This 4,554km long and 12-turn racetrack is considered the “home field” of Honda Racing Vietnam because this is the one of the racetracks with the most attachment to the team. This racetrack is designed with long straight sections, characterized by extremely sharp corners, of which turn 12 is known as the fateful turn of the entire race because this is where a number one racer once witnessed. 8 rose to the finish line first. For “Crazy Guy”, this is one of the most favorite racetracks and most suitable for his racing style. Having participated in the entire TTC 2019 season and the 3rd stages of ARRC 2019, Cao Vietnam has probably memorized every feature on the fence of the Chang International Circuit.

Honda Racing Vietnam’s first season since stepping out as an independent operation is about to end, the first chapter of history is about to close, will the entire team and riders create a notable highlight in the final season? ending this first chapter and finding your victorious self?

That is an open question for “Crazy Guy” and the entire Honda Racing Vietnam team to answer, but now, certainly the only representative of Vietnam is ready to “burn everything” for the next race.

Let’s watch and cheer for Vietnamese racers on November 29 and December 1.

The match will be live on the fanpage of Honda Racing Vietnam and Honda Vietnam

Vietnam has its own racing team competing at ARRC 2019

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