Feel the “affordable” Benelli BN302 motorbike

After more than half a year of official launch in the Vietnamese market (July 2014), Benelli BN302 still creates mixed debates. Let’s quickly get a feel for this “affordable” nake-bike model.

Benelli BN302 was introduced in the Vietnamese market (July 2014). This is a new model of the Benelli “family” for motorcyclists who are new to experiencing large displacement vehicles. But according to Benelli Vietnam, BN302 is more than that, it can satisfy even longtime speed “followers”.


Benelli BN302 immediately attracts attention with its strong, sporty appearance, angular lines, quite muscular, imbued with Italian style.

The car inherits the design of its “older brother” Benelli BN600 with fuel tank cluster, headlights and rear monoshock suspension arrangement. It can be said that Benelli BN302 is designed with a focus on interactivity. That is clearly shown in the front halogen headlights. The headlight cluster is arranged separately between headlight/main beam, top/bottom plus the positioning lights placed on both sides, making the “face” of this naked-bike line exude a strong, “playful” look.

Feeling the Benelli BN302 attracts with its strong, sporty appearance and angular lines

Convenient, easy-to-see instrument cluster, curved handlebars on both sides, unique rear end with LED taillights. The vehicle is equipped with Up Side Down front forks with a diameter of 41mm, shock absorbers with Giftable springs at the rear, double disc brakes 260mm front and 240mm rear. The front and rear tire sizes are 120/70 R17 and 140/70 R17 respectively, the fuel tank has a capacity of 16 liters.

Benelli BN302 has a wheelbase of 1405 mm, seat height of 795 mm, suitable for the body shape of Vietnamese people (people with heights from 1m65 – 1m75). This is a big advantage that makes users interested in this car model even though it has not been launched yet.


Initial impressions during the test drive, the Benelli BN302 is quite quiet and smooth at low engine rpm. When cutting the clutch, the gas pedal passes quite quickly, creating a feeling of excitement. Pull the throttle and push the revs to about 6,000 rpm and the car starts to “jump” up. At revs above 6,500 the car is noticeably fast and reaches a speed of 100km/h in just about 6.5 seconds. The sound of the car’s engine sounds quite gentle, not “screaming” or noisy like many cars in the same segment from other brands.

Feeling the

Benelli BN302 brings quite impressive driving experience

300cc engine, but dry weight of only 185kg makes driving in the city quite flexible compared to large displacement vehicles. There is no jerky feeling when driving in low gear range, the car is quite light so moving on crowded streets does not create a heavy feeling for the driver.

However, when reaching high speeds (over 100km/h) on the test track, the person sitting in the car begins to feel a bit “flying”, new drivers will easily feel like they are losing control if they are not really familiar with it. Thuc. When cornering at high speed or braking, the car does not create the certainty as expected, partly because when returning to Vietnam, the rear tire is only 140/70-17/C (compared to size 160). /60R-17/C abroad), comes with 240 mm diameter hydraulic disc brakes and 120 mm travel monoshock rear shock absorbers.


In terms of market factors, the Benelli BN302 can be considered a breath of fresh air for the large displacement vehicle market in the mid-range segment with a 300cc engine with a price of only 114 million (an increase of 6 million VND compared to when launched). . Benelli BN302 is in the same segment as Suzuki GW250, Ninja 300, Honda CBR250R, Yamaha R25, but the price is extremely competitive.

Feeling the Benelli BN302 is a breath of fresh air for the large displacement vehicle market in the midsize segment

In terms of brand factors, Benelli is a name that is not very familiar with the Vietnamese market, and the fact that this brand has been acquired by a business from China makes consumers even more hesitant when using it. Learn about car model BN302.

Here, the writer has not considered the quality of use of the Benelli BN302 in Vietnam because it still takes time for users to experience it in practice, but from the perspective of a motorbike lover, it can be said that this is a model The car is transferred from a small sports manual transmission line (FZ150, CBR150, CB175R…) to a large displacement vehicle suitable for users who like speed and love sports cars.

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Honda technical specifications Benelli BN 302:

  • Self-respect: 185 kg
  • Length x Height: 2,115 x 1,130 mm
  • Wheel axle distance: 1,405 mm
  • Saddle height: 795 mm
  • Undercarriage distance: 180mm
  • Fuel tank capacity (nominal): 16 liters
  • Tire size front/rear: Front: 120/70R17/C/ Rear: 160/60R17/C
  • Engine Type: 4 stroke, 2 cylinders, electronic fuel injection
  • Cylinder capacity: 300 cm3
  • Maximum capacity: 27.5 kW/11,500 rpm
  • Maximum torque: 27 Nm/9,000 rpm
  • Gear: 6 gear levels
  • Boot system: Electricity

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