Buy Formula 1 racing tickets, receive gifts of more than 1 billion VND

December 28, 2019, marking the 99-day countdown to the first Formula 1 VinFast Vietnam Grand Prix event held in Vietnam, Vietnam Grand Prix Company (VGPC) announced the opening of second ticket sales. Final stands and special Paddock Club tickets. In particular, fans will have the opportunity to receive lucky gifts with a total value of more than 1 billion VND.

The last two areas opened for sale include the Standard Stand at corner 11 and the Freedom Stand at corner 13 with starting prices from 2,590,000 VND VND and 1,560,000 VND respectively.

Buy Formula 1 race tickets, receive gifts of more than 1 billion VND 45697938-10218299759392485-5790237821977493504-n.jpg

Overall 3D perspective of the F1 racetrack in Vietnam

Corner number 11 is located right next to the entrance to the racetrack from Le Duc Tho street. This is a position with a panoramic view of the longest straight section of the racetrack to witness the racers displaying their highest speed – about 335km/h – one of the biggest challenges of the Hanoi Raceway.

Grandstand corner number 13 is located right at the corner from Le Quang Dao street to the internal road of My Dinh Stadium, Grandstand B area, will satisfy fans with a racetrack inspired by the Massenet hill area. famous Monaco, where drivers will face a series of consecutive turns (also known as Esse) that continue from turn 13 to turn 22.

Buy Formula 1 race tickets, receive gifts of more than 1 billion VND f1-1001464869638549505-20180529-180645-img1.jpg

The Formula 1 Vietnam Grand Prix race will officially start from April 2020

In particular, Paddock Club tickets are located right at the starting area with the most impressive and attractive view of the racetrack, officially opened for sale for the first time in Vietnam. With a location right on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the administration building, viewers not only have the closest view of Pit Road to witness the quick tire changes but also witness firsthand the moment of the finish line of the race. champion racer. Paddock Club tickets also provide the most luxurious and classy experiences with exclusive privileges such as visiting the garages of F1 racing teams and touring the racetrack. In addition, guests will also be served high-class cuisine with menus prepared by famous chefs according to 5-star standards in the most luxurious suites.

Grateful for the support of fans in the past year, VGPC will launch incentives with a total value of more than 1 billion VND for customers who buy tickets during the period from December 28, 2019 to March 1. /2020. Accordingly, customers who buy F1 tickets will have the opportunity to win valuable prizes such as a classy vacation at Vinpearl, a VinFast Klara electric motorbike, a classy F1 Diamond ticket, and hundreds of unique items branded with the Racetrack brand. Formula 1 Hanoi. In particular, all guests will have a second chance to win a VinFast Fadil car, the main sponsoring brand of the F1 race in Vietnam. Detailed information about the program will be updated regularly on the organizer’s website.

The sideline event schedule of the F1 VinFast Vietnam Grand Prix race is also heating up with many exciting activities, such as the Thai supercar TSS race and a series of entertainment activities, culinary and cultural festivals. with the appearance of top domestic and international stars at the race.

Experience Hanoi F1 racetrack through 3D simulation video

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